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UIP Inside Man Contest

Thursday, April 20, 2006 read close 2 speaks

Hah! They sent me an envelope as promised in their aforementioned email.

(Yup, ticket sent to my doorstep. Pick-up not required. I like this concept better.)

(You see this logo quite often on screen rite? ;))

(Now I know how are they related to Paramount/Universal...)

(The complimentary movie pass, in blue.)

I won this complimentary pass via UIP contest for the movie titled Inside Man. However, since Inside Man is no longer screening, I supposed I need to look for an asterisked movie before 31 of May. A bumper don't you think, since the only choice I have would most probably Water Spirit (who want to watch this movie?), and Failure to Launch (which I gotta wait till mid of May to watch, if I want to use this complimentary tickets).

Yes, this complimentary movie pass can be used for any asterisked movie distributed by UIP (means not limited to Inside Man), valid till 31 May 2006. Kiam siap uh? :) I guess beggars don't choose ;)

So... I guess I'm left with only one choice - Water Spirit....

Blogging away with boredom clothed in a jobless body :P

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Crazy Sales

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As mentioned, in Pustaka Sufes. Unfortunately, it's been a week or so... so don't expect much left over stock there. I've swept as much as I could :P


Here's the list of book I bought,

1. Heroes Who Changed the World (RM22 / RM56.65)
2. 自由社会的道德底线 (RM7 / RM34.80)
3. 苦难的意义与达到荣耀 (RM5 / RM24.75)
~ A Thelogical Questionable Book under the influence of Witness Lee
4. 突破科技文化感染力 (RM7 / RM39)
5. 与造物者同游 当下灵修体验 (RM7 / RM31.05)
6. 荒年不慌 - 经济幽谷中历炼重生 (RM5 / RM25.20)
7. Alleged Descrepancies of the Bible (RM3 / RM19.70)
8. 基层文化与宣教策略 (RM3 / RM15.50)
9. 理解之路 一代神学方法浅介 (RM3 / RM17.20)
10. 回溯教會路 (RM3 / RM19.90)
11. 少数派与少数主义 (RM10 / RM40.65)

A grand total of RM75.00. I'm officially broke.

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Movies watched, and to watch

Friday, April 14, 2006 read close 5 speaks

I had the opportunity to watch this korean show last week. Amazingly, the show was rather good. To be frank, I didn't had carry much hope when I enter the cinema with this movie ticket on my hand. Maybe I'm not a vivid fan of Jang Na-ra or any other korean drama actors & actresses, but I would recommend you to watch it if you are able to catch it in local cinema. For a first timer like me, I find this korean movie brings out many things in life, which brings laughter and tears to the audience in a nutshell. If you enter the cinema without knowing any plot of this movie, you'll appreciate the show, much.

Thanks to Jen Wern, I finally bought my Luther DVD for a price cheaper than I thought it should be. The best part of all, who wants to open their house for a private screening? ;)

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Movies of 2006

Thursday, April 13, 2006 read close 0 speaks

For no particular reason, this is the list of movies I watched for the year 2006.

Watched (Cinema):
  1. Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit
  2. Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe *
  3. Fearless *
  4. Syriana *
  5. Shopaholic *
  6. Final Destination 3 * ^
  7. Underworld 2 ^
  8. Yours, Mine and Ours * ^
  9. I'm Not Stupid Too
  10. The Shaggy Dog *
  11. Lucky Number Slevin *
  12. Eight Below *
  13. Ice Age 2
  14. My Girl & I
  15. The Wild
  16. Gubra *
  17. Typhoon
  18. Failure to Launch ^
  19. Poseidon
  20. Over the Hedge
  21. X-Men 3: The Last Stand
  22. Benchwarmers ^^
  23. The Omen
  24. We are family
  25. 16 Blocks
  26. RV
  27. Take the Lead ^
  28. Pirates of the Caribbean 2
  29. Love Undercover 3 ^
  30. The Dorm
  31. Click ^^
  32. Midsummer Dream ^
  33. The Ant Bully ^
  34. A Moment to Remember ^^
  35. Beneath still waters ^^
  36. Snakes on a Plane ^/^^
  37. Nobita in the Wan-Nyan Space-Time Odyssey
  38. Monster House
  39. DOA: Dead or Alive ^^^
  40. Rob-b-hood
  41. Devil wears Prada
  42. Open Season 3D
  43. Death Note
  44. Happy Feet
  45. Casino Royale

Tickets Won:
  1. Final Destination 3 *
  2. Underworld 2
  3. Yours, Mine and Ours *
  4. The New World (wasted, no time to go) *
  5. Failure to Launch (didn't know I won)
  6. Typhoon
  7. Isabella (missed)
  8. Da Vinci Code (missed)
  9. Scary Movie 4 (gave to vincent)
  10. Take the Lead
  11. Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest (missed)
  12. Love Undercover 3
  13. Midsummer Dream
  14. The Ant Bully
  15. Snakes on a Plane
  16. DOA: Dead or Alive (missed)
  17. Miami Vice (missed)
  18. My name is Fame (gave out)
  19. Silk (missed)
  20. GSC Blockbuster Rerun 2006 (gave out)


  1. Thank you for Smoking
  2. Little Miss Sunshine
  3. Kinky Boots
  4. V for Vendetta
  5. 9 Naga
  6. Tentang Dia
  7. Buli
  8. Buli Balik
  9. Garasi
  10. Firewall
  11. Gol & Gincu
  12. Zathura
  13. Umizaru
  14. Perhaps Love
  15. Pride and Prejudice
  16. The Pink Panther
  17. Perhaps Love
  18. Oliver Twist
  19. Nanny McPhee
  20. Million Dollar Baby
  21. Memoirs of a Geisha
  22. Raising Helen
  23. Alexander
  24. Ah Sou
  25. Ah Lok Cafe
  26. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  27. The Tiger and the Snow
  28. Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo Drift
  29. Superman Returns

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Gospel of Judas (1)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 read close 3 speaks

After all the hype people talked about the National geographies "The Judas Gospel", I guess ChristianTimes HK gives a very good overview of the whole episode.

一卷據稱有一千七百年歷史、名為《猶大福音》(The Gospel of Judas)的埃及古籍,可能為蒙上「賣主」污名二千年的猶大「平反」。



(Lost for nearly 1,700 years, a crumbling papyrus manuscript presents the most hated man in history in a new light. NG specially made a documentary for "The Gospel of Judas", describe the process of restoration and translation of the manuscript, and also the main content of the manuscript: Jesus' most loved disciple was actually Judas Iscariot, as he is the disciple who knows Jesus well most, and hence Jesus even asked Judas to betray him, so that he can fulfil his mission on earth. The viewpoint of "The Gospel of Judas" is basically turning the traitor by Christianity for nearly 2000 years into Jesus' hero.

The scholar pointed, "The Gospel of Judas" records the oppression against the early churches by the Roman government, and also records the history of the wide spread of the gospel. The scholar believes that this manuscript was written when the teachings of Christianity meets Gnoticism, and the local Egyptians try to understands the relationship between Jesus and his disciples from the aspect of Gnoticism.)

So you wonder what's on my mind? My conclusion was simple,

History opens up a person's eyes to understand something of the past.

History can also blinds a person if a person just read bit and pieces of the history, selectively.

May God bless and gives wisdom to those who reads and face difficult times in explaining the relation between "The Gospel of Judas" with our belief.

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Are they nuts?

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Snipped from Sinchew-i,




據悉,目前有多州的地方政府已制定禁止公眾在公園/公共場所行為不檢的條例,包括吉隆坡市政局、彭亨、吉打、霹靂及森美蘭等。 (星洲互動‧2006/04/11)

The endless discussion upon the same issue over and over again. Government again and again assures the people that such law is unlawful, towards non-muslim. Who should we believe now?

The text above mentioned about our dear Datuk Seri Nazri that thinks Malaysian non-muslim cannot accepts people who are not husband-wife or brother-sister to hold hands and hugs publicly. He moved on to justify by saying "This is something our eastern soceity cannot accept".

What do you think? Is our Malaysian non-muslim really that conservative? Or, Nazri is acting like a pinochio.

I hate to say this, but, first class infrastructure, third class mentality.

At the least, don't stuck your own sentence to other people's mouth.

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Makan: Star Pisces, Tmn Eng Ann

Friday, April 07, 2006 read close 5 speaks

Shopping in Pustaka Sufes makes me hungry...

Today is good, not that productive, but, better than yesterday. I'm able to grab some interesting material for Agape teens, a nice book published by FES HK, Encounter with God, and Kairos' magazine.

Makan? Yes, I had my lunch in Star Pisces, a restaurant (which at night supposed to have somebody singing there...) in Taman Eng Ann, Klang. Rather, jiet (translation: worthy) - as someone noted, strongly ;)

(this is why someone noted it to be affordable)

(I ordered Black Pepper Chicken "Rice")

(The one who brought me there ordered Honey Fish Fillet "Rice")

(This happy meal comes with a free cup of jasmine tea, or coke. Not Heikenen though...)

(Interesting Deco...)

(Another one... Some latern)

My black pepper chicken "rice" was spicy, and the scrambled eggs and vege is ok-ok-lah. Maybe the chief should try not to fry the eggs along with the egg shell next time.

For a RM4.90++ Happy Meal in an ambient environment, ok-lah... Servings were acceptably large and the restaurant itself is good to lepak, and skip your work.

At the least, I don't mind going there again. Maybe Sunday we should go there instead la. No more Klang Parade uh ;)

... but I supposed traffic is a mess in Tmn Eng Ann on sundays.

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More Memorable Events

Tuesday, April 04, 2006 read close 0 speaks

Remember these?

I think I did this card for E-Generation, 2002.

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It's a memorable event. IK's 2003 Christmas Nite is still vividly in my mind. It is rather cool for me to dig out the piece of cdr which contains all the backup documents of IK, which includes the several short clips that I made for that night.

I love this particular phrase, which I added into the clips where Jesus was nailed on the cross.

"It's not the nails that held him high on the cross
But it is his love, for you and me"

It is true, and I really hope this phrase will forever be in my heart, always.

Yes, I remember you guys, from 2010 all the way to everyone in the hall. Thanks for making this such a good memory to me. May all glory be unto God, always :)

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Eight Below

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By God's grace, I able to watch this movie on Monday. This movie is moderate in story, but touching if you like dogs (in particular, siberian huskies). Maybe I had too many expectation on this movie, or just merely because I initially wanted to watch The Tiger and The Snow, just that the time doesn't allow me to do so.

Watch it, if you have a chance. Still worth the money if it's in GSC USJ, Super Wednesday or asterisk movie ;)

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Different Sunday

Monday, April 03, 2006 read close 2 speaks

The day was different. A different sunday.

1. The worship today was good, nothing major in the whole process and I thank God for His grace upon me (For those who knows what happened last two times, you'll understand what I meant).

2. Agape Fellowship was good too. The kids, I meant, the teens enjoyed their quiz time, though some seems unprepared.

3. Later, thanks for Angelynn for her kindness in waiting for me, we went for Nandos for the spicy peri-peri chicken. Somehow, it was way overpriced. Later, five of us (Angelynn, Bronx, Andrew, Seng Ann and me) get to watch Lucky Number Slevin.

4. Frankly, the movie was good, though Bronx and Seng Ann slept through the whole movie, snoring away. Haha...

5. Attended IKUPM's Annual Dinner in an Arabian Restaurant in Sri Petaling named Al-Diafah. The food was.. so-so. Just not my cup of tea, I meant, food.

6. By this you know, I've many things to share, but just merely idealess in writing. Thus, 6 points to summarize the sunday, a different sunday.

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