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Tuesday, December 14, 2004 read close 0 speaks

With a big warm welcome to our new family member - Tze Ying ;) Well.. brother finally got married (more info here). Going for a trip to Damai Laut this morning, 10am. Good part is, I know of this place, and it is a very nice place that gives me a very comfortable feeling. Will be taking these coming 4 days as a personal retreat, while continue dealing with my walk with God, my work on the project, and my life, in particular. Exciting trip? Indeed.

Shall brief on more when I'm back. Will post up some photos too if it is possible ;)

Screenshot #1

Wednesday, December 08, 2004 read close 1 speaks

Took 2 days in conceptualizing and put in into codes. What do you think of this design? Feedback is appreciated.

Demo can be found here:
Main site (99% up, living on ezhost)
Mirror site. (99% down, living on Streamyx)

Congratulation Angie!

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Congratulation... this is the 2nd wedding that I've attended this year. It was held on 11 November 2004, 11am. Note of the "11"s ;) One more to go, 12 December :P

Dreaded Move

Monday, December 06, 2004 read close 0 speaks

8.00pm, yesterday - I knew it all the while that it is a bad idea to tamper with your computer before completing a project. But I still fail to comply to this ultimate law of computing. It started with my dear computer fail to connect to my home's LAN, and I first thought it was some iptables issue.

10.00pm, yesterday - I decided to reinstall the ancient Fedora Core 1 to 3 as I thought this would solve my problem. So I make a big hu-ha by plugging out my backup harddisk from my server and plug it into my computer. Not forget to mention, it tooks years to backup my 20GB of TVB drama ;)

12.00am, today - After the hassle of opening up both computer casings and skipping all the technical details of it, I finally started install FC3 and waited for some time before it complete installed.

1.00am, today - Computer restarted, tested the ethernet connection - failed. Concluded that the piece of ancient Planet fast ethernet start to fail on me. Noted in my brain that by morning I need to buy a new piece of ethernet card.

2.00am, today - moving the project into the right place, run it, and realise the perculiar "mysql-server" package wasn't installed. Reluctantly, took out the CD and make way to install that missing package. Then, this deadly message appeared - "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql (13)."

3.00am, today - After an effortless search on google, seeing that it was 3am in the morning, I concluded that this is a missing link caused by the "mysql-server" package which I post-installed, and decided to sleep. That was yesterday (in a way).


10.00am, today - Woke up, sick - the dust and air-con plays a major role in turning me into a non-stop flowing water pipe (in simpler terms, running nose). Reluctantly took out the CDs and reinstalled my FC3. This time I told myself repeatedly not forgetting to include the killer package named "mysql-server". After an hour, happy that all goes well, repeat the whole procedure to put everything into the right place, load up my project and check.

11.00am, today - The deadly message appeared, again. "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql (13)." Got even more sick.

12.00pm, today - Went out to buy the network card, a D-Link that costs me RM28 (PC Nova of Tesco Klang). Then went into Apex and requested for "Clarinese", which was recommended by the future-to-be pharmacist. Apparently, the pharmacist working in Apex only start his/her work on 4.30pm. Nevertheless, the kind cashier showed me the "Clarinese" on the shelf, but just that I can't buy it.

12.30pm, today - Drop by Guardian Bukit Tinggi, opened only on 2pm.

12.45pm, today - Check out a pharmacy in Bayu Perdana and bought "Clarinese" for RM12, and return home.

1.00pm, today - Fix the new network card, and test it. It works ;)

4.00pm, today - Taking a long, sad and painful search on google with regards of this non-sense error, and realised only after hours that it was a SELinux (solution here) security issue. And put myself on the hall of lame for reinstall my whole fedora for obnoxious reasons.

5.00pm, today - Updating fedora, and installing all the 3rd party softwares like flash, realplayer and java.

6.00pm, today - Restart computer and test my project, it works.. finally ;)

7.00pm, today - Realised I need to input chinese software, therefore search for SCIM, and download all the required source files (as rpm not available).

8.00pm, today - Dreaded SCIM smart input (scim-chinese) keep requesting for the pkg-config which I already installed and set the proper path, yet no prevail.

8.30pm, today - Activated IIIMF in my gnome and running it successfully (solution here). Finally, I can do chinese input in an English FC3 environment ;)

8.58pm, now - Posted this entry.

Spring Cleaning

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Hah! For those who have visited before my house and my beloved computer room, you will never anticipated any major changes to the room rite ;) Since got so many things in the room and so dirty! But one thing for sure, you are wrong! Haha! Do visit my house, and especially my room, and you will see the difference! Will post up some photo when i figure out a way to transfer my photos to my computer la ;)

This is one of the reason why I am sick, owing to the enormous dust that I have consumed over the past 2 weeks. But well, it seems the "Clarinese" saved my day... because I need to rush my project so that I can present tomolo to my "client". Oh dear.... what a day :P

Back to Campus

Wednesday, December 01, 2004 read close 0 speaks

Yeah, life is back to normal. Wake up, devotion with breakfast, bath, go lab, go home, dinner, waste a bit of time doing nothing, sleep. Not so sure whether this is the life I am going to be for the next 6 months, or more. Nevertheless, the least I could do is to enjoy the process of learning and "suffering". PASCA has no news yet, not because I was rejected, but I think they have yet to process all the applications.

For this semester, I have decided to leave IK and slowly pass on the guys mandarin cell group to the coming leader. The reason of me doing this, is simply making a clear move in moving onwards for my life. Many might disagree and think that I am still part of the fellowship, or still assume that I am a member of the fellowship. Nevertheless, I have long knew that it is time for me to move on and learn something new. It requires time and energy to focus on the new things in life that I am needed to do. Then, you might be wondering why I still attend IK for the past semester? My conviction to this act, is just purely an act of showing the fact and trying to be a good testimony that a master postgraduates, and an ex-exco member of the fellowship COULD still attend and REMAIN active in the fellowship without regarding of status, time, and authority that one person has.

It's been a pleasure of serving in this fellowship and being a part of this one big family. I have learnt much from everyone of you, and I hope I did the same in helping you to learn more of Him, the one true God, who gives us salvation through His son Jesus Christ. There's still a little bit of things here and there which I will complete before I completely rest down my service here in IK. First of all I would apologize for the delay of the completion of IKUPM website, which I should be completing it by early of the next year. Second of all, I would like to handover my service here in mandarin cell group, and guys in particular, before I move on.

Yes, most probably you won't see me in the Wednesday meeting anymore. Do not worry, I am not backslided, or lazy. I assure you, I am moving on and striving for the things that God wants me to do. Do not worry, you can still call me out for breakfast, lunch, dinner or mamak, no matter is coming from my own pocket, or from your pocket ;)

Believe it or not, the 3-5 years that God has given you in this campus is meant to be something, more than just obtaining a piece of certificate. At the least, this is what I hold on to when I am just like you, being an undergraduate in this beloved campus.

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