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在世界另一端 - 約書亞

Saturday, February 24, 2007 read close 2 speaks

錯過的事我不會再錯 作正確的選擇 期待新鮮生活

如果有誰說他需要我 絲毫不用考慮 讓我飛奔而去

就算眼目所及的身邊 都只有冷眼旁觀

也改變不了我的決定, 和是誰需要這愛

在世界另一端的愛, 是否能感染



當書本再往下翻, 尋找誰需要關懷



帶著你手中所握, 所擁有的一切




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Friday, February 23

Friday, February 23, 2007 read close 0 speaks

Like a bloated soul, drifting away...

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Chinese New Year in Kepong

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 read close 1 speaks

What's this?

What's this?

Is it mint?


No.. It's mahjong...

It's Mahjong!

Who's hands are those?

Who's hand is this?

Another pair of hands?

Another pair of hands

Unveiling answer...


Another one...


The last one


Not really mahjong...



Free Image Hosting at

Happy Chinese New Year to Kepong :)

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A New Refreshing Look

Tuesday, February 20, 2007 read close 0 speaks

I need more sleep... because it took me entire day to fix the javascripts, but well.. now i learnt something :)

I'll add back the shout box when I'm free. Time to leave for Kepong... will update ;)

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Chinese New Year 2007

Monday, February 19, 2007 read close 0 speaks

Watch out! It's coming soon ;)

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Food Review: Sakae Sushi

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I think I'm affectionate about mutiara damansara, since I was there 4 times over the entire week. Haha...

Last friday I made a spontaneous call in the morning to eggy, and we head to Sakae Sushi, The Curve to have our brunch. Since this is my second time visit to Sakae Sushi, I suppose I should fulfill my new year resolution (food blogging) by blogging about it.

I recall my previous visit to the curve outlet was memorable, not because of its food, but because of the tiny IBM mouse and the HP LCD monitor on every single table. (note: Forgotten to snap a photo about it la ;))

The food here as claimed by eggy supposed to be cheaper than other conveyor sushi outlet (e.g. Sushi King, Genki Sushi etc.). My personal opinion is - not really. It has many RM1.90 (green plate) variant of sushi, but other available pricing options would only be RM3.90 and RM5.90. Unless you stick to nothing but green coloured plate, I suppose it should cost more to eat in Sakae instead of other conveyor sushi outlet. But one thing for sure, it somehow has more variety than Sushi King and Genki Sushi.

For the list of food we have there, I think we had the usual standard sushi such as ebiko sushi, salmon nigiri, inari sushi, salmon maki, etc. (Can't recall la) We had some interesting food (not to mention, cheap) such as Fried Maki, Fried Tofu.

On top of that, my first experience with some non-sushi food - sansai udon. I suppose it is something simple which taste like usual japanese instant noodle. Haha...

We wrap up the meal with some sesame mochi ice cream (which in my humble opinion - very EX ice cream).

You want photo? Here's some for you....

Note: Do you feel cheated reading this review? Haha... Not sure why but I wasn't in a food blogging mood that day, I only remember to snap a few photo (to be precise - 2) at the end of the meal ;)

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Food Review: New Paris

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 read close 3 speaks

Will update more in text, soon.

Updates (19 Feb 2007):

Some of you might know that the reason I choose to stay on in my current workplace not because of the company itself, but of the people there. The gung-ho colleagues of mine decided to throw off a CNY celebration dinner (Lou Zang according to dude) on Tuesday (13 Feb 2007). The best part of the story is, from our own pocket. Hahaha... Nevertheless, I think it's one good party with much laughters. I believe we created a remarkable profile in the New Paris Restaurant - the pussy willow tree, the RED toilet cleaner, the RED waste paper bin, and the little bamboo in a mineral water bottle with self sticked "fu" sticker cut from angpow. Hahaha...

Without delaying your time, here's some photos took that day with my beloved phone.

Happy Chinese New Year :)

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bukan senang nak dapat teman hidup yg sanggup terima buruk baik kita
sanggup berkorban untuk kita
sanggup hidup bersama
sampai ke akhir hayat

isteri bukannya hak milik
tapi anugerah


kadang-kadang orang yg paling kita sayang lah yg paling susah untuk disayang

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Food Review: Sunrise Crispy Duck Rice

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 read close 0 speaks

When you mark uncountable amount of exam scripts, your head might be on fire just like the quack below...


A sign of celebration for finished marking enormous amount of exam scripts could be throwing off a party, buy yourself a great gift as a compensation, or even treating yourself a good meal. For this reason, my colleagues and I decided to pay a visit to this restaurant in Seapark, somewhere nearby our workplace.

Restoran Sunrise is famous of its crispy duck rice which one of my colleague fond of very much.

As you can see the restaurant has only one stall which sells nothing but ducks, and I will talk no more, and shows you some photos i snapped using my beloved Moto A1000 :)

If you are craving for crispy duck, loaded with cash, and don't mind create a parking spot yourself, make a move now to Res-to-ran Sunrise ;)

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The end of a...nother semester

Monday, February 12, 2007 read close 0 speaks

It's the end of second semester in UTAR, and it's time to enter reflection mode once again. Many things happened in the past four months, and will update here once everything is cleared :)

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