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Saturday, March 26, 2005 read close 2 speaks

I actually gave up on writing this post, as I was "busy" playing around with my new IBM ThinkPad X40 ;) Nevertheless, after reading the review by our local blogger TV Smith, I felt I should voice my support over this production too. Why?

I came across knowing this film through Petaling Street Project, where some bloggers over there showed their support for this Malaysian made movie.

The first impression ain't that good, as I thought it was a simplistic piece of another Malaysian-made movie. Yet, as I continue read on, I realised Yasmin, the director of Sepet is the infamous Petronas advertisement director that won numerous Kancil Award for Leo Burnett. I was intrigued to find out more about this movie and at the end, I made a decision to watch this movie. The problem is, who to watch with? I have no friend who's interested to watch any Malaysian production. They would probably mock at my intrinsic suggestion to watch Sepet.

Nevertheless, I had this one time opportunity to watch this movie in TGV KLCC. The show was... amazing. I didn't realised, how talented was all the people behind this film. The story line was... excellent. It all started with a VCD peddler, yes.. a poetic ones. He seems to be fond of reciting Indian poetry to his nyonya mom. Then comes a lovely Orked, yes... it means the flower Orchid. Not only so, with the funny yet interesting trio of Harith Iskandar, Ida Nerina and Adibah Noor - It's interesting. Seriously, I enjoyed throughout the whole show, just like how I enjoyed the Singaporean production - "I'm Not Stupid" by Jack Neo. Maybe I'm biased, but I'm a person who likes to see film makers reflecting our lives, and not imitating westerners.

This is the first Malaysian production, that really touch my heart. I regretted of not paying for the ticket (as I was given a free ticket coupon courtesy of Ms. Yam). I will rate this movie as "Must Watch", and please do watch. There's many TGV that is still showing the movie. And please, no bittorrent on this movie ;) I did actually came across one from mininova. One with a sane mind with realise how much effort the director, Yasmin has tried numerous attempt in bringing out many important elements of being a Malaysian. Watch, and reflect how Malaysian we are ;) Most important of all, do we have love?

One question I do really want to post to the production, is that when is the VCD/DVD is rolling out? I would be one of those who will be waiting in front of Speedy, and not pasar malam ;)

For those who's hated/against/mocked/devalued this film... indeed, you all are just acting like a bunch of 'goblok's (courtesy of Yasmin ;P)

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Back by Popular Demand (Somehow)

Thursday, March 24, 2005 read close 0 speaks

It's back, and it will be up for a short while, as it is hosted on my streamyx line ;) So.. stop complaining you see no convocation photos :P

Yes, Update Please!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005 read close 3 speaks

Yes, I'm not dead.

Although I disappeared from blogging scene, it doesn't mean that I have abandone here. Currently I am rather tied up with things, ranging from part-time to research, life to service. Currently I am working on my 2nd part time job of the year which I was giving the task to design a website. Amazing isn't it ;) I never realised how I could make a big round and yet come back to the things I'm interested in, graphic designing (yeah... i know it's bit different still from web designing).

My research has come to a state, where I have to work on my java and also not forgetting, the evil thesis writing. Nevertheless, do pray that I could focus on my research work on 26 March onwards (which I will finish my 2nd and last part time for this half of the year).

Many of you knew of my lost of my notebook ever since last february, and ever since then I've been surviving with a compaq duron 1ghz notebook which I delibrately took it away from my dad. Haha... Anyway, I'm getting a new notebook soon, hopefully by this coming Monday. Guess what? It's an IBM ThinkPad x40 ;)

Yes, it is true that with my current financial status, I can't afford such pricey notebook. Really. But, didn't knew that John Tan has such good contacts with IBM distributors! Alas, should ask earlier ;) Will update more on this (hopefully).

My eyes has been a bit disfunctioning at this moment, especially my right eye, as it soars rather frequent (owing to the long period of computer work). Just noticed that my right eye has become lazier last Sunday, during Sunday Service (Yes, you can say I didn't pay attention to the sermon ;) In conclusion, you will see me wear my specs in regular terms.

It's time for me to continue work on my part-time, and this reminds me of my individual coursework assignment, it supposed to due today. Alas.

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