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UIP Inside Man Contest

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hah! They sent me an envelope as promised in their aforementioned email.

(Yup, ticket sent to my doorstep. Pick-up not required. I like this concept better.)

(You see this logo quite often on screen rite? ;))

(Now I know how are they related to Paramount/Universal...)

(The complimentary movie pass, in blue.)

I won this complimentary pass via UIP contest for the movie titled Inside Man. However, since Inside Man is no longer screening, I supposed I need to look for an asterisked movie before 31 of May. A bumper don't you think, since the only choice I have would most probably Water Spirit (who want to watch this movie?), and Failure to Launch (which I gotta wait till mid of May to watch, if I want to use this complimentary tickets).

Yes, this complimentary movie pass can be used for any asterisked movie distributed by UIP (means not limited to Inside Man), valid till 31 May 2006. Kiam siap uh? :) I guess beggars don't choose ;)

So... I guess I'm left with only one choice - Water Spirit....

Blogging away with boredom clothed in a jobless body :P

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Blogger Wahlau-eh
1:54 PM

more like beggars can't choose :)
Blogger kiawin
1:55 PM

post-modernistic society don't have absoluteness liao... so... don't lo.. hahahaha... no wonder something doesn't sound rite ;P

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