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Joyeux Noel

Monday, February 27, 2006 read close 0 speaks

It means Merry Christmas. This French movie talks about an event happened back in 1914, a Christmas eve. Nominated for best foreign language film in Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe. I wonder I can catch it in Malaysian cinema, or I have to resort with torrent technology? ;)

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Sunday, February 26, 2006 read close 2 speaks

It's confirmed. Malaysia is now rolling out our latest invention/product. Shit Water which is safe for consumption.

This is a news excerpt from China Press Online, and let us look at how ignorant is the company in-charge for our state water supply.


(Translation: Eventhough the water supply to homes contain smelly ordor, but the Selangor State Water Supply Company Customer Service Center (PUSPEL) urge the residents not to worry, as the company has taken the water for testing in lab, and it's proven that the shitty water is safe for consumption.)

I just have one question for the excellency of PUSPEL, do you mean that you wouldn't mind drinking the (shitty) water if it's tested to be safe? Do you mean that consumer actually doesn't mind drinking water that is safe but.. shitty in taste?

I have finally found the joke of the year.

PS: I call for every resident to fill an empty bottle with the shitty water, and send it to PUSPEL. Free drinks for all staffs in PUSPEL. Will they drink it? I think it's a fear factor time.

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Smelly Water!!

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Whole klang has smelly water... What is SYABAS/Puncak Niaga PUAS doing with our water supply???

Is your area affected? Do give me some feedback. Now I can't even take a bath. The stench is unbearable (it's smells like shit.. yes, literally shit).

It's confirmed. China Press Night Edition (and website) was informed by SYABAS regarding the water contamination. And yeah, it's literally shit water. As usual, the official response from the company states that the reason for contamination is... unknown.

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Final Destination 3 Premiere

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 read close 0 speaks


I won 2 passes for Final Destination 3 Premiere in GSC Midvalley.
A big thank you to GSC, and I will consider going more often to GSC
instead of TGV ;)

PS: See.. how easy I can be bought, by just merely 2 premiere tickets?

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Google Video - Malaysia

Thursday, February 16, 2006 read close 0 speaks

I was impressed with the delivery speed of Apple's Zeroconf talk in Google. Then later I was curious enough to search videos with "Malaysia" in it. Sadly, you can see many degrading videos of what actually happened in our honorable parliment of Malaysia. Check it out yourself,

Keywords: Malaysia, Parlimen

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 read close 0 speaks

I'm working very hard now ;P

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Lampe Berger That I Know

Friday, February 10, 2006 read close 1 speaks

To clean up my blog, decided to compile everything into one entry instead.

1. WYSINWYG - What You Smell is not What You Get.
2. TVB Exposed!
3. Purely Overpriced.

Enjoy :)

1. Link fixed...

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Lamb Burger... I meant Lampe Berger (3)

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Do you curse, I meant, get angry when you bought a piece of overpriced product? Don't worry, as long as you're not with LB, you're not part of that statistic.

It cost around USD $28 (RM100+) for a litre of Lampe Berger Oil Refill. While in Malaysia, you can have the privilege of getting one as cheap as RM450. Oops, did I say cheap?

More facts here in Lelong Forum.

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Lampe Burger.. I meant Lampe Berger (2)

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TVB Hong Kong did an experiment to see whether the product worth its claim to be able to purify unwanted air particles. The experiment turns to be a negative claim for Lampe Berger, and worse still, it might harm your health instead.

Watch it here.

1. Angry Blogger (warning: contain some expression that might be considered as vulgaric)
2. Lowyat.Net on MLM

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Lampe Berger (1)

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Recent beef noodle trip reminded me about a multi-level marketing (MLM) company named Lampe Berger, which now I plan to do some research, and release here as a reference for some of you, who considering to be part of LB.

Dr. Liew mentioned a news snippet of Lampe Berger Aromatherapy products, which caused many unwanted incident of burnt injury. Some might insist that this is purely an accident, and not the product's fault itself. However, we do not deny the fact the composition of their aromatherapy products contains 97% flammable chemicals named Isopropyl alcohol. Several points we need to bear in mind why Isopropyl alcohol shouldn't be used in aromatherapy. 1st of all, it's flammable. 2nd of all, it's dumb to burn Isopropyl alcohol, as it gives you flushing, headache, dizziness, CNS depression, nausea, vomiting, anesthesia, and coma. 3rd of all, it's not to be used in a closed environment. 4th of all, by burning Isopropyl alcohol does not give you any health advantage/treatment like other natural aromatherapy oil.

1. Dr.Liew's Blog Entry
2. Sunshine Foundation (Taiwan)
3. Taiwan Government's action upon LB's Isopropyl alchol chemicals (again.. i meant aromatheraphy oil).

Yes.. I wish to whack'em kau kau ;-)

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This Chinese New Year - 2006

Saturday, February 04, 2006 read close 3 speaks

This Chinese New Year is interesting. I guess I finally learn how to distribute time rather "wisely" this time.

28th, Thursday:
Watched Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia) with Ivan, Angelynn and Seng Ann. Had a late shopping in Pyramid and succesfully grab a t-shirt, polo-t and cargo pants each. Wallet bocor.

29th, Friday:
Was late for worship practise for half an hour!! blame it on my lateness and the jam of last-minute-shopping for my dearest klang mates.

30th Afternoon, Saturday:
It's a joyous occasion, when you tried to wash two cars when there's water shortage in your neighbourhood. Only done everything by 6pm.. and yeah, it's late!

30th nite, Saturday:
Had our family reunion dinner with my family, uncles, aunties, cousins and nephews in USJ - 2ns Aunt's house (Yes.. Jan Jan, Darryl, Annabel.. More to come this year). This is also the 2nd annual teleconference gathering with my brother (wahlau) and tai sou (tzeying) in Germany, since there's no 0.99 Euro Air tickets for Frankfurt-KL-Frankfurt ;) Told ya.. Streamyx is great, and even greater when you bring your linksys wireless-b and setup a temporary hotspot in USJ11 ;) Slept only around 3am, blame it all on the firecrackers.

1st day, Sunday:
The usual morning CNY Celebration in church, where worship only starts at 10am. Was intepreting for worship leading that morning, and emphasis on *i-am-just-a-poor-replacement-chap*. Later on we visited Good Samaritan Home in Southern Park, where we have KFC and McDonalds together with the kids there. Later in the afternoon, my cousins and I went to watch Syriana in TGV Sunway, and tell you the truth... the movie sucks... not your usual CNY movie. Yup.. I know the movie has it's message for the audience, but it plainly sucks if you watch it on Chinese New Year :) My fault. Later on we had our dinner at Manhanttan Fisher Market, and the food is real cool there. Hint, Tiramitsu is rather affordable there ;) Later, we proceed to visit 2nd Aunt's house, again :) Slept only at 3am that night, I wonder why.

2nd day, Monday:
It's a holiday.. and decided to stay at home for sometime and rest. Did manage to catch up with friends at night, and yeah... it's my 2nd and 4th Aunty's turn to visit our home at 8pm. Slept only at 3am that day... I wonder why.

3rd day, Tuesday:
Visited 1st Aunt in Old Klang Road, with my 2nd and 4th Aunts' family. Had lunch nearby steven's corner and parted about 2pm. Next... It's a Form 6 mates' day! Kok Seng 'serbu' me unexpectedly while leaving me no options but to welcome him with dirty clothes and uncombed (wake-up-from-nap) hair. Since I was not informed of their schedule in advance. Later we move on to Wei Ling's house then Kooi Lian's house, and of course, with the same hairstyle (malu betui). Dinner is great, we had bahkuteh in Fei-Kay, Bayu Perdana. Hey... we're Klang people kay ;) Later on, we moved on to visit Randi, and her new house in Botanic. Nice house with the right ambiance. The 2 girls that desperate for movie forced me to bring them go watch movie, and this is my first time visit TGV Bukit Raja 10 minutes before the show without making any ticket reservation. Kooi Lian and Wei Ling wanted to watch Memoirs of Geisha, which I did not (or don't want to) watch earlier. Sadly, the last show was 8.45pm and it was too late for us to enter as we only reach around 9.40pm. The only show avaiable, it's Shopaholic, which I told them earlier that I'm watching it the next day. They were so disappointed and suggested to go for mamak instead. As I'm always-being-kind-hearted, I bought 3 tickets for Shopaholic. You know how the story continues. Slept on 3am that day, I wonder why.

4th day, Wednesday:
With my always-being-a-good-boy, did some revision of my thesis and get myself freshen up with some facts and stuff before my "official" activity later of the day. The cool thing of the day is, the movie ticket sales person actually shocked when I told him I'm grabbing 18 tickets (which I and Vincent booked) while requesting for an extra ticket which is not booked in advance. Later, we move on to Jen Wern's house and have our "reunion" of the kakis of mahjong and chor-dai-dees. Slept on 5am that day, I wonder why.

5th day, Thursday:
Wake up only around 11am, do some stuff and went online to chat for sometime. Then I have total memory lost of what I did later on, blame it on the frequent late night sleep ;) Church's youth fellowship had a makan gathering behind Jen Wern's house, and we kena chop that night. Blame nobody than ourselves. Again, we proceed to the hut and continue our "reunion". Slept on 3am that day, and I wonder why.. again.

6th day, Friday:
It's a visitation day! My house it's the first station, and the people turned up on 10.40am instead of 11. And of course, I chose to take a bath instead of entertaining them. We had some fun time playing some "magic" card tricks, courtesy of Angeline, and move on to her house. Then it is my first time playing Uno Madness, and it's cool. Had the privilege to test-drive MyVi hopping from one house to another. Our next station is Kim San, not house la.. but makan delicious char-kuey-teow with duck egg. Then we visited Michael's house and get ourselves prepared for the Night session. Steamboat dinner in Mei Fang and Shi Yun's house! One word to describe, superlicious! Slept on 4am, and I wonder why.

7th day, Saturday:
It's a wedding day. Qiu-Ping's. I was asked to take charge of the sound system, and I admit it, I did it badly (as comparing to other ocassion). We next move on to wedding lunch in New Taman Rasnah Restaurant, and I was sitting with Eld. Tan and Ai Lee. I was nearly conned by Shi Yang, Jen Wern and Angeline to sing karaoke. Thank God I was sound minded and told the MC to cancel the request. (Update: Shi Yang told me that Angeline is the culprit behind the scene... evil...) Frankly, it's a no-no to sing karaoke during wedding occasion. It's simply inappropriate and irritating. (Update: Furthermore, I was sick that time, soar throat & cough :P) And now, 9.30pm, I will be going for bowling. So... bye!

Next week I will start full force to complete the stuff I need to complete. Hope to complete it in 3 weeks time, and send for review. Do pray for wisdom and strength from above :)

Update (9 Feb 2006):
1. Andrew's CNY (You'll learn what I did on the 8th day)

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Movie Report (2)

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3. Shopaholic
Until now, I still fail to know the real pronunciation of this word "shopaholic". With my limited command of England.. I mean.. English, I guess it's shop-a-ho-lic. Anyway, this movie is rather original, in terms of story line and the actors lineup is great. I recommend this movie as THE Chinese New Year movie of the Year. Not that Fearless is not worth to be THE movie, but shopaholic is more joyful type of movie that suits our Hong Kong-style annual CNY movie.

Owing to some complication, I watched this movie twice two consecutive days for 9.50pm show in TGV Bukit Raja. Haha... I'll never do that again ya!

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