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January 2008: Creation

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 read close 0 speaks

As some of you know I'm involved in the teenagers ministry in church. This month's theme for the teens fellowship is "Creation".

I would say things are getting more interesting with them around as I believe some have found their sense-of-belonging in the fellowship.

The pics below are one activity we conducted as all respective group leaders are required to "make-up" with the matching group name.

1. Creation Theme Park


Woof woof~


2. God's Creation

Archange was very helpful in laying many fundamental understanding of the relationship of creation with God, and even shared the purpose of human on earth. Great job :)

Will update here when I get the powerpoint from church computer ;)

3. Creationism Vs. Science - From a biblical perspective

I had an opportunity to share with this group of teens and challenge them to think critically in many isssues, which are not easy to digest :)

You can check out the powerpoint here :)

4. Beautiful Creation

Last week was great, where all the teens worked together in bringing many recycle materials to Beautiful Gates in Taman Chi Liung. We had a great time fellowshiping with the residence there. Unfortunately I totally forgotten to snap photos. Haha...

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never-ending story

Tuesday, January 29, 2008 read close 0 speaks

still busy marking papers... no time update blog :P

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Thanks, Samy

Friday, January 25, 2008 read close 0 speaks

I always doubted myself for being one sided and heavily relied upon alternative online media instead on solely depending on mainstream media. My doubts were cast upon the pre-supposition I made earlier on whereby I do not believe in the sincerity of mainstream media in reporting a balance piece of information (or you call.. news).

Samy Vellu proved me wrong. Thaipusam was a festival celebrated by Hindu devotees whereby usually it is a common celebrated public holiday in several states in Malaysia (... only). This year our dear Prime Minister has given a nod in allowing KL and Putrajaya to declare Thaipusam as public holiday. Heavenly and joyous moments for students and those who ain't working. Hell to those people like me who's job is being screwed and piled up for the entire weekend, just for such last-minute with little-consideration declaration.

Back to the topic, why Samy? I still remember I was at home on Wednesday, busy doing my work while catching a glimpse on NTV7 News. Samy was commenting regarding the SMS allegedly circulated by HINDRAF which asked all Hindus to boycott Batu Cave temples. He said that nobody responded to the SMS and things go well in Batu Cave on Thaipusam. I still remember the footage shown on NTV7 News which shows many people like jam-packed tunas in a can :)

It's only the next day I was informed by my Hindu colleague that it is untrue. She told me that the usual ritual of going up and down at Batu Caves took about 3 hours for the past years. But however, this year she took only an hour. What a difference. Definately crowd is much lesser than before - I use the word "much".

It was even more interesting where she pointed out HINDRAF was only the side issues. The real issue of the unhappiness of Hindu devotees is actually the Batu Cave Temple which has been charging (Yes... money terms) by selling tickets to all Hindu devotees who wanted to fulfill their religious obligation. Imagine a common Indian family with 5 members... each have to pay RM10... Surely each Thaipusam brings lots of riches to certain party... though not fame I believe. Surely, I'm not sure the Lord Murugan would be happy about this too.

This year was different, less crowd, purchasing tickets was optional. Why of sudden change? I doubt it is an act of repent, though.

Still, something still bothers my mind though I never speak of it as I didn't think it is possible. I was wondering how come NTV7 has the jam-packed footage of Batu Cave Temple packed with Hindu devotees. Telegraph UK has the answer.

"Television news was forced to resort to footage of last year's event."

Hmm... thanks, Samy.

PS: Oh ya, when I asked little rascal to read this post - she was asking, "Is this a political-motivated blog entry?". I said, "No, unless you read as one. It's about media." ;)

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Food Review: Kedai Makan Yuen Yuen

Thursday, January 24, 2008 read close 0 speaks

This was a very old draft dated 3 December 2007. I guess it's worth to post it up as it talks about a "delicious" heritage in Klang! ;)

It was a great morning, and CY brought me to Old Town (nearby Jalan Keretapi) for Yuen Yuen Hainan Chicken rice shop which is rather special. Apparently this shop has been around for many many years. 20? 30?

Yea... "lap lap kai fan" (Chicken rice balls)

Char siew with Hainan chicken

Wow... they're in the hainan chicken rice king competition organized by China Press :)

(Photo courtesy of Hibiscus Realm)

* I was actually preparing a blog entry on my Christmas eve dinner, but accidently erased off. Sigh! Anyway, will update when free. Still much tied up with marking exam scripts - countless :P

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008 read close 5 speaks

Finally, after serving me for 3 years, this RM19 Fake Sony mouse is finally retired by my latest purchase... ;)

As you can see from the picture below (vividly.. blame it all to the unprofessional photo taking me), it's Logitech diNovo Cordless Desktop. Kakakaka....

The wireless mouse...

The wireless keyboard

Both together with my recent purchase of the foldable desk for my elbow + back support. Phew~

Well.. It's for the sake of my back ;) wahahahahaa

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Chinese New Year is once again in town, soon...

Monday, January 21, 2008 read close 0 speaks

Just wonder, how will this coming CNY be?

I had two interesting CNY (2006, 2007) well recorded in two separate blog entries.

There's much change to CNY this year. Wonder you noticed it or not? :)

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Unfinished Renovation

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Life renovation in the way, and expect null change on the blog template. Just plainly lazy to modify ;)

On the side note, I bought a foldable desk for computing purposes. It should fix my shoulder, neck, back, elbow pain :P

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wonders of technology

Sunday, January 20, 2008 read close 0 speaks

One can really be amazed with the current advancement of technology whereby anyone can easily obtain softwares to edit, voice-over clips of video and insert in any "extra" materials.

One can also be amazed with the current progress of our nation whereby any such material being potrayed below can be signalled as a sign of rebellion and as an act of terrorist by calling the mass to bomb the parliment on 5 November.

Hah! you can take that as a joke. I supposed...

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Domestication of scriptures

Thursday, January 17, 2008 read close 0 speaks

Another one, from the same article...

How can Scripture ever reform us if by our ‘liberating exegesis’ we are invariably able to make it say what is comfortable to us, if we are always able to domesticate it in line with the predilections of our own interpretative community?

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Mordenist Vs. Postmodernist

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I got this line from reading an article from D. A. Carson... I will leave it here for you to ponder.

(But) the fundamental division between modernists and postmoderns is a conflict of
worldview, where the distinction in worldview is primarily epistemological.

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