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Tuesday, August 23, 2005 read close 0 speaks

I stacked up most of the books that I bought in the bookfair on my table. I was trying to pull out 2 books for me to bring up to Cameron for reading. Unfortunately, I can't decide which to be taken as I realised I wanted to read all. So.. What should I do?

Will update on my decision :P

Yup.. back from Cameron, And I brought few books up, and read one.

纷扰世情中的信仰立场 - 张慕皑,萧寿华等 The Stand of belief in a confusing society. Will write a summary from this book... hopefully ;P

Buy!! Buy!! Buy!!

Monday, August 22, 2005 read close 0 speaks



1. 俗世尋真:基督教與現代哲學 - 杨庆球 (原价RM25)
2. 從聖經看靈恩運動 - 胡恩德 (原价RM15)
3. 属灵神学 - 倪柝声思想的研究 - 林荣洪 (原价RM32.50)
4. 基督教神学发展史2 - 中世纪教会 - 林荣洪 (原价RM72.50)
5. 上帝的愚拙与聪明的人 - 倾听十字架上之真言 - 曾庆豹 (原价RM40)
6. 纷扰世情中的信仰立场 - 张慕皑,萧寿华等 - (原价RM23)
7. 壁垒分明 - 基督徒的信仰立场 - 张慕皑,萧寿华,徐济时等 - (原价RM27.50)
8. 被钉十字者的胜利 - 新约的历史启示 by Eric Sauer - (原价RM37.50)

* 1-4是爸爸买的。5-8是许社长介绍的。

汉语圣经协会:(70% Discount... Yes... 70%!! :P)
1. 道在神州 - 圣经在中国的翻译与流传 - 海恩波 - (原价RM49)
2. 基督教圣经中文译本 - 权威现象研究 - 庄柔玉 - (原价RM49? 不小心忘了 :P)
3. 和合本与中文圣经翻译 - 尤思德 - (原价RM92)
4. 基督教典外文献概论 - 黄锡木 - (原价RM63)

书花书局 (SUFES):
1. 神圣与凡俗 - 市井的信仰与灵性 - 龚立人 - RM17.90

* 这本就是我之前提起迎迎所买的书。

Note: 之前我所提到有一摊买很多归正书籍的其实是中国福音会,台湾

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* Books!! Books!! Books!!

Books!! Books!! Books!!

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第一屆新馬港臺基督教書展 - 把基督書入時代



前车可鉴 - 西方思想文化的兴衰 How should we then live? RM32
2. 被聖靈充滿 RM18

1. 俗世尋真:基督教與現代哲學 RM25

1. 從聖經看靈恩運動 RM15 (卖的书是新版本,不同封面)
2. 基督教文化的挑戰──登山寶訓精研 RM27.50

还有另外一个是不知名的书摊(台湾来的),有很多归正运动与历史的书,神学书籍,唐崇荣的讲道书籍,中国与福音的书籍。(每本书30% discount,每RM60送一本,任选)... 而我买了:

1. 中国与福音 - 教会转型与发展 RM25
2. 中国与福音 - 保守与坚信 RM25
3. 中国与福音 - 台湾宣教五十年 RM25
4. 中国与福音 - 中国教会的末世观 RM25
5. 中国与福音 - 中国教会的人观 RM25
6. 中国与福音 - 基督教与中国 RM25
* 对中国有兴趣的应该读

7. 基督徒与敬祖 RM16
8 .系统神学 by Isaac Ren RM32
9. 英汉神学名词辞典 RM99

* 这摊的书卖的书很快卖完

1. 政治中的圣经 - 从政治角度阅读圣经的原则与范例 RM27.90 (原价RM45.65)
2. 后现代文化与基督教 RM47.60 (原价RM79.35)

* 还有一本是迎迎买的
暂时不在我手里,是关于基督徒信仰与职业的观念 RM17++

是我没买的 好好的买吧别去那儿买CD,T-Shirt,手链等书展是买书的! 哈哈哈

Note: sorry la.. it's in chinese, coz I actually typed all these for Chinese Cari Forum :)

I've got a parcel!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005 read close 3 speaks

(note: Oops.. wrong grammar la.. haha.. I got a parcel! axe the 've)

If you look properly, you will notice one of the corner of the parcel is dented. Thanks to the poslaju van that throw this into my house's car park.


Like a child open up a Christmas present under the Christmas tree...


Guess what's? It's Ubuntu Linux CDs (Install CD+Live CD). 30 piece of 'em!




Thanks to the poslaju van again, the parcel was thrown beside a pot of flower, with thorns. This is the side effect.


Anyone who's interested to get one, we can arrange something ;)

Btw, it's from south africa if i'm not mistaken :P

Hazy Potter with the Magic Wand

Thursday, August 11, 2005 read close 2 speaks

Where is our beloved MidValley?

Do you remember Genting?

Credit to Ms. Chu who snapped the photo while I'm driving. We're back from celebrating one of our form 6 friend whose convocation in UM this morning. Imagine how much "hazel" that I inhale throughout the whole process of celebration? :P

Darurat... Now that's what we call experience of the lifetime

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This is what I got from thestar SMS alert.

11/8 Govt depts, offices, factories, farms etc2 in P.Klang and K.Selangor to be closed, clinics and outlets selling food and basic items to remain open/STAR

Synically, this is what I told my brother over germany through Yahoo! Messenger..

kiawin: yup
kiawin: we're in emergency now
kiawin: officially
kiawin: since not everyone goes through darurat in their life
kiawin: i guess this is a one-time experience?
Hopefully, it's really a one-time experience. Not a yearly event.

Do take note this state of emergency does not include curfew or any change of government administration. So don't expect you're back in those communist days la ;)

11/8 Emergency declaration in Kuala S'gor and P.Klang does not involve imposition of curfew, nor any change in govt administration, says PM's Dept/STAR

Frankly, I have a question in mind, why they only set the parameter only at Kuala Selangor and Port Klang? I stayed in southern part of Klang, I doubt the API here has any much difference over Port Klang, since it's just merely 10km apart.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005 read close 0 speaks

It's been day and night debugging and trying to complete my piece of research work. Emails in my gmail has been piling up. Nevertheless, I would like to apologize if I did not reply your mail. I'll do it whenever I've the time ;)

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