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In the midst of no where

Wednesday, June 27, 2007 read close 2 speaks

what could we do, in the midst of no where?

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Food Review: Restoran Gong Huen

Sunday, June 24, 2007 read close 0 speaks

Instead of telling you what's in store in week 2, let me tell you what I did early in the morning for Tuesday, on week 2. M brought me to a dim sum restaurant in the early morning, to taste the "so-called" cheap and nice dim sum :)

Let the pictures tell the story...

Food is really so-so only. The waiter is like just woke up from sleep, a bit moody. Price, cheaper a bit. In fact, Klang got a place which is similar in price, but much nicer :) Will post some pics for you when I'm back in Grand Kampar tomorrow :)

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an inspiring sandwich

Thursday, June 21, 2007 read close 0 speaks

NTV7 today reported about a guy named Mr. Sirivat. Mr. Sandwich of Thailand. Inspiring indeed.

Food Review: Pandamaran Fried Chicken

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Annie and Julia came over the weekend (two weeks back) to hang out as they say they want to holiday. Hah! can la... come and see me ma.. haha... anyway, I brought them to the famous Pandamaran fried chicken and Yu-yu ice (Fruity Slurpee, in a way).

Each picture tells a story. So let the picture talks...

The infamous fried chicken. Superlicious!
The best part of this fried chicken is that it is juicy and tender, just like the olden days' Uncle Colonel's special recipe :)

Fried Pohpiah. Not bad.

Yu-yu Ice. My all time favourite. Longan + Watermelon.

Interested? It's just right beside SRJK (c) Pandamaran B.

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Sunway Lagoon (2007)

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Being a goon, I had the opportunity to spend some time with my "anak-anak" (only a few) 2 weeks back. After a spin back from kampar, I woke up rather early to fetch them and go to Sunway.

The weather was rather cloudy, as it rained during our journey to lagoon. I still remember Jia Xuan said that God didn't answer her prayer because she kept praying the night before so that on the day itself it will not rain. Well, in fact, God does gave us a superb weather in lagoon :)

As we arrive there, no much crowd yet. I supposed we are rather early, 11am :) We got some discount for our tickets as we booked the ticket through their online booking. It cost us RM39.90 for one Adult ticket, an extra RM5 as it was school holiday. My only comment was... blood sucker :P

no point hiding away from my camera... hehe...

the gang.

Niagara Falls.

The outcome... all wet :)

bored birdy, kids like it much.

The scary pirate ship, it was different from my previous visit. 5 years back? haha...

I really wished to try out a new game in lagoon. But nobody willing to be my partner.

The scary scene.

A check at the counter tells me it cost like RM45 per person. Superliciously expensive.

Before you pay and play the game, what happened is that you're required to sign a letter, sort of like "i'm willing to die after this game and since i'm dead i will not sue you" ;)

Being positive, on the plus side, they do give you a certificate of participation for you to show off to your family and friends :D

After realising how much it cost, my only statement was...

over my dead body.

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Homer Simpson Kidnapped

Wednesday, June 20, 2007 read close 0 speaks

Apparently, Homer Simpson didn't make it to the big screen in Malaysia, as he's practically being kidnapped by two idiotic malaysians. I supposed they thought stealing homer is just like stealing advertisement buntings at the roadside :)

Nah... just pulling your leg...

can't wait to watch this movie :)

Thieves carting away Homer Simpson figure from cinema caught on CCTV

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Week 1: Grand UTAR tour (2)

Thursday, June 07, 2007 read close 0 speaks

More pictures...

Block A, Heritage Building. The sign was fresh from oven.

Flowers outside Heritage building.

Landscaping... Landscaping...

To the left...

To the right...

In the heritage building main hall.

As I was hitchhiking UTAR bus back to PJ, I got to follow the bus which will brings all top managements back to PJ too. All thanks to them, as I waited them for quite some time, I took all these photos. In addition, food!!! Oh yeah, for free :)

MC, should follow me la.. ahahahaha.... ;)

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Food Review: Little Vietnam

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Today a blur sotong was in Ho-Chi-Minh mood and asked me out for lunch. Instead of going to the right place (Co Do), the sotong insisted to enter the vietnam restaurant named "Little Vietnam" underneath "Co Do" in Midvalley.

Well, is alright. We sat down and look through the menu, but i found none that spurs my interest. I supposed I wasn't that "Ho" mood to know what to order. So instead I gave the liberty to sotong to choose what sotong wants.

We ordered two set meals, rm9.90 each. Interestingly, they give complimentary dessert (as a starter... weird though) - Vietnam ABC?

My main course, shrimp with minced meat dry noodles. Taste well with their sambals.

Side dish, I think it is a fried fish cake (I think is fish..)

Sotong's main course, healthy fried rice. I think it doesn't really taste that well. Since sotong complained. Oh yeah, I forgot to taste the food...

Side dish, vege + meat + peanut spring roll...

Lastly, some eggplant rolls dish. Actually, doesn't taste that bad at all... Just that... Sotong ordered eggplant rolls instead of beef rolls.

Food so-so, but I like the wallpaper :)

Conclusion, what a sotong day (meal).

Burp~ all because of the eggplant...

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Week 1: Grand UTAR tour

Monday, June 04, 2007 read close 9 speaks

A quick glance of UTAR Kampar campus. It's unbelievably be-a-u-tiful!

Block B, (temporary) Lecture room, tutorial room and computer labs.

Block A from staff car park.

Block A, back.

Block A, inner entrance.

Bamboo garden.

Loooong pillars.

Sister campus, KTAR Kampar.

It's either out of the place, or it's a piece of art.


another bamboo garden.

Zen garden.

Block C. Futuristic Student block and (temporary) staff offices.

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Food Review: D'Kafe

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Up in Kampar, unfamiliar with the new environment, but we have good colleagues here. The foundation office admins and L, future ehem... being very hospitable during our 1st week in Kampar.

D'Kafe is M and L's recommended cafe for lunch.

A cup of lemon juice quench my thirst. First week of the semester always kills my throat :P

waiter a.k.a L's favourite kid.

fried spaghetti. just like kim gary's one, but half the price :)

L's usual (or frequent) veg. thai fried rice.

M's Beef rendang Nasi Lemak. Superlicious.

L: Good!

Revised and improved recipes
Bigger portion
Real value for money :)

Ambient environment, relatively cheap, nice :)

Where is it? it's at the square nearby Grand Kampar hotel, beside IMAX internet cafe, opposite star bookstore. Go for it!

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