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HTC Universal Photos

Saturday, July 30, 2005 read close 0 speaks

Are you looking for HTC Universal's Photo?

Here's some

HIT FM 91.7 - Taiwan

Friday, July 29, 2005 read close 0 speaks

Remember the entry i posted about Hit FM Taiwan? Now there's an even better way to listen to this radio station. Instead of clicking on that URL to listen, you can now add it into your Windows Media Player.

Just go to File -> Add to Library -> Add URL and then insert this URL Then you can access to this station just by going to Library -> Other Media.

Interesting? ;) The solution is simple actually, I actually extracted the streaming address from the asx file, since asx is a xml style audio streaming file by Microsoft (duh..), you can do some dirty job around it.

Enjoy :)

Spank It... Spanglish

Tuesday, July 26, 2005 read close 1 speaks

I didn't notice it was up in Malaysia, but it was shown in US at the end of last year. When you see the name Adam Sandler, one would think this is yet another i-am-dumb show. But it proves me wrong. The story started with a group of staff from the Princeton's dean of admission office reviewing some essay written by applicants about the most influential person of their life.

I will not dictate it from the show itself, but just want to make a statement about this movie. Instead of the usual Hollywood attitude where the original values upon sex and posession are rampantly misunderstood, the script writer of this movie decide to show the true moral values that we should have. If you watch it carefully, you'll know what I'm trying to tell.

Check it out if you are free.


Monday, July 18, 2005 read close 0 speaks

I came across this item in amazon, and it intrigued me to post it up here ;) The Simpsons Complete Sixth Season.

Malaysia Golden Arts Award

Sunday, July 17, 2005 read close 2 speaks

I'm rather... speechless over the Malaysia's maiden Global Chinese Golden Arts Awards, where it supposed to be an International, or at the least, Asia Pacific level award ceremony. Seemingly it should be a big event, looking at the expensive entry tickets, ranging from RM 77 till RM237, the much promotion and hu-ha over media, and the support of three ministries of Malaysia.

Nevertheless, the Malaysia Boleh spirit daunted me as by looking at the delayed live, which it's still going on NTV7. There's few points that I would like to share it here, first of all, the sound quality was bad. Either NTV7's fault, or the event itself. Second of all, the design and overall looks of the event is... not like any ceremony that I saw on TV (I assure you the issue is not at comparing who's better, but the problem lies in... "can this be international?"). Third of all, thanks to the "passionate" crowd, the award giving ceremony, especially at the start, where they somehow gave some awards to Malaysian chinese drama and artists. Frankly speaking, I never see any of those dramas on air, unless, you asked me to watch TV2 after midnight. Fourthly, it's a "award giving" ceremony. It seems everything is fixed, and no excitement, either from the receipient, or from the crowd.

Maybe, I'm being over perssimistic, but come on... how can you let such event to be international, while in fact, it's not?

My suggestion is, we should start small, and slowly we can escalate it to a scale where everybody is happy, and fully recognized. Why should we brag and drag ourselves into something that we can't really handle?

My 1 cent.

Hit FM Taiwan

Friday, July 15, 2005 read close 0 speaks

Tired of MSN Radio that refuse to connect to HIT FM? No worries, here's the link to HIT FM Online Radio ;)

Just leave the damned place!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 read close 0 speaks

Alright, don't get it wrong, this is not my emotional outburst. But this is something that I strongly feel about people who chose to leave Malaysia for an obscure reason. I won't deny the fact that certain people has the capacity, and ability to be better, and to be greater. I won't deny the fact too that with such talents that they have, some felt that of being in the shoe of a Malaysian might limit the possibility of maximizing their talents. I couldn't agree more, that such people most probably might fair better in other countries.

Nevertheless, it does not justify one's change to of side.

Link One

Link Two


Monday, July 04, 2005 read close 0 speaks

After the invasion of all my belongings back from Red Ruby, finally my rooms are now back in order ;P Oh yeah, notice my x40? ;)

For more, view it here.


Sunday, July 03, 2005 read close 0 speaks

Well, things have been getting more usual in Klang, and I've finally being more "settled" than before. I started to work more seriously in my programming, hopefully able to contribute more time on my holiao work, and at the same time brush up the research project that i supposed to complete this coming Monday.

Being idle is not a good sign, but at least, I'm no more being one ;)

For those who knows what I'm working on, now currently started rewriting the simplicity codes. Currently writing some xml-rpc based user authentication which will be very useful for many unknown reasons.

Today is

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Today, is third of july.

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