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It's time? (3)

Sunday, April 27, 2008 read close 1 speaks

Monday blues.... nervous.

thanks for the lovely sms-es :)

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Proudly Presents...

Friday, April 25, 2008 read close 0 speaks

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It's time? (2)

Thursday, April 24, 2008 read close 0 speaks

It's thursday. I'm still digging hard in my head for ideas. Tomorrow till Sunday will be a hectic weekend. Got to mark exam scripts despite of my viva voce on Monday. Let's see I'll survive.. or not? :)

I'll survive....... I'll survive (the song :))

I believe Kah Choon needs this song as much as me.... and of course, congratulations to Makkal Osai. They are officially back in business.

Three more days to go...

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It's time? (1)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 read close 0 speaks

Sorry for the absent from blogsphere for quite some time. Here's some short summary of my thoughts.

Thoughts One: Less for More
I took the past few weeks in readjusting myself, fitting myself to be more productive and creative instead of being counter-productive. I'll blog about this next week.

Thoughts Two: A Dedication (link)
Some of you already read the dedication, it's actually taken from my thesis. It's an extraction from the bible on Psalms 16:8-11. This dedication was first placed in my Bachelor degree thesis, as a mark of remembrance of God's grace. For some of you would know, I was nearly unable to graduate 4 years back when my notebook filled with my final year project was stolen. And I wrote this dedication when I completed my thesis, in time, plus a good result.

This dedication was reinsert in my master degree thesis, without much thought at first (I admit it). One worth noting is that my master degree would just like how the Israelites wander in the desert for 40 years, though you might correct me that it's just 1 year plus for my thesis and another 8 months for my viva voce. One thing for sure, the dedication still the same. April 28 is the day, and I truly thank God I'm exiting the desert - with much excitement.

Thoughts Three: Next?
Many might ask what's next. I've many in mind. And you're right... I'll post on this matter when I pass my viva voce, hopefully, on this coming Monday :) Just to spice things up, being materialistic and naive (though it really has nothing to do with what's next), I really hope to reward myself with this phone. Ms. A, as I promised... this is the phone I might get when I'm officially done with my master :P slurp~

Dear friends, do uphold my viva voce in prayers :)

As I always say... can't wait to graduate!!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008 read close 0 speaks

To the one who loves me unconditionally,

“I will not be shaken, for you are right beside me

No wonder my heart is filled with joy

Because you will not leave my soul among the dead

You will show me the meaning of life

Granting me the joy of your presence

And the pleasure of living with you forever”

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to pig or not to pig?

Friday, April 11, 2008 read close 0 speaks

Pig has been a big issue for the start of a new era. In this case, maybe we should thank God that the year of Pig has passed and no Chinese will say anyone who protest against the modern pig farming project is being seditious against racial harmony (hence against the constitution, rukun negara, bla bla bla).

Anyway.. just some sarcasm in the previous paragraph. I just wonder, if being implemented in a proper way (including aspect of management, in views of benefits and resolves current problems), why make such a fuss out of it?

Don't forget:
1. This project bukan satu project Kerajaan Barisan Nasional. Rakyat will make sure every single cent is being utilize for a right cause (and not for somebody's BIG pocket).

2. Relocation of open pig farms reduces environmental issues. Don't you get it?

3. This technology sure reduce environmental issue? Refer to number 1.

4. Alternative food? You're just as naive as asking others to eat other food which they chose not to eat.

Apparently, nowadays "demonstrations" is no longer a peculiar incident, but part and parcel of Malaysian lifestyle.

Unlike someone says... "Ini bukan cara orang Malaysia ni...."

Aya... why makes things so complicating???

Can Malaysians talk sanely?

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