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A NECF Reply

Wednesday, September 28, 2005 read close 1 speaks

If you follow my previous entry, you will notice I discovered several interesting facts (from the article Ministers Appreciation Month - October), and I wrote an email in response to NECF, under the motivation by miss phui.

To whom it may concern,

I came across this article ( ) about Ministers Appreciation Month (October), which was a summary taken from an article originated from World Network Prayer of United Pentecostal Church International, and I have a few questions regarding this article, and will be glad if NECF could assist me in giving me answers.

I would appreciate if NECF could explain to me on the relation between NECF and UPCI, and NECF's stand about UPCI.

According to my understanding, UPCI does not believe in Trinity, they only believe that Holy Father, Holy Son and Holy Spirit are just representation/manifestation of Jesus Christ himself, alone. I was told too that only people who are baptize in the name of Jesus Christ will be saved (Acts 2:38), and not in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, which was mentioned in Matthew 29:18-19.

If NECF does not agree with such teaching, my next question would be, would you use any articles from such parties? if yes, why?

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Truly appreciated the prompt reply from NECF.

Dear Bro. Lau,
Thank you for your e-mail to NECF dated Sept 21.
I am replying on behalf of Ann Low our Executive Secretary in charge of Prayer. She was the one who posted the article on the NECF website but she's not around at the moment (she called to ask me to reply on her behalf). Ann was not fully aware of the wrong teachings of the United Pentecostal Church. She just thought they had a good article and so she summarized it for us.
Of course NECF believes in the Holy Trinity in the orthodox way!
Thank you for being alert. We shall try to be more careful next time. We also regret all inconveniences caused.
Thank you once again.

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Indifferent trying to prove a difference

Tuesday, September 20, 2005 read close 0 speaks

It's interesting at times to read at Google News, especially on the Sci/Tech section, whereby I could save lots of money instead of buying expensive computer mags that has little content in it. Rather interesting today as #12 post is actually not into computer technologies, at the least, not very mainstream in my opinion.

God and science don't mix. Frankly, I don't understand how it goes up to #12. Glitch on the system ranking? hah :P

Confused, Me or You?

Monday, September 19, 2005 read close 4 speaks

A mere accident of visiting NECF Website, and I discovered two three things.

1. Latter Rain church is a member church of NECF (Link Here).

2. NECF published an article for Minister Appreciation Month, October 2005 which is summarized from an article produced by World Network of Prayer, United Pentecostal Church International. (Link Here).

3. Presbyterian church is a member church of NECF (Link Here).

In my understanding, both (1,2) are labelled by many as cult. What do you think?

And I didn't realise Presbyterian Malaysia joined NECF.

Update (28 Sept 2005):
Is anyone familiar with Latter Rain, and willing to share? I am interested to know more. Question will still be, is it cult? or not?

Paper Rejected

Sunday, September 18, 2005 read close 0 speaks

A paper that submitted for review was rejected, and bad remarks was given. I guess I need to work more on my grammar??


Friday, September 09, 2005 read close 0 speaks

Here's some stuff I'm working now...

  1. Research: Touch up some left-overs of my research project. Basically adding another window for the axis. Need another computer.. wonder where I can get it from.
  2. Thesis: Write thesis, 2 weeks dateline for me. Really hope to finish this.
  3. MyOSS Article: yet to write, but already have some rough ideas, and will plagarise from my own thesis. haha..
  4. Study: Supposed to have a test on 10th, but well.. I guess I will make it 12th instead.
  5. Uncle Alan's Wedding Flash presentation: yes.. working on now..
  6. Some part time design: yes.. i know the dateline
  7. Barcode scanner java program: forever pending... but making a point not exceeding Christmas ;) or did I meant next Christmas? I wonder.. Will continue only after my completion of my master studies.
  8. Write a card to Peace Charis: So easy, yet so difficult... I bought the card like 3 months already... maybe it's time to pen it.
  9. Own pet PHP project: done hook.. still thinking about implementing adodb-lite, or just my own small db class? Will continue only after my completion of my master studies.
  10. Books: Plentiful of nice books to read. Emphasize on the "nice".
  11. Forum Keh-poh: been active in few forums, might take a holiday. since overly busy.. and formers seems just have the time to reply as quickly as I do ;) one word. never-ending.
  12. SIG: hope to start a special interest group (or special topic in mandarin) in church. hope this will work.
  13. Agape Youth: weekly ritual to prepare material for my group of dear youth (those rascal.. err.. haha), never easy.

that's all folks.. hope I didn't miss anything, and don't chase after me if there's anything I left out here.

Happy Birthday 2005

Wednesday, September 07, 2005 read close 4 speaks

Guess what I receive on 12am?

In money instrument market, what is the meaning of long position and short position. It hav its specific meaning. Can you help me to check.. Thank you

and this is the next sms

No need.. I get the meaning already.. Thanks. The real happy birthday to you.. 30 min later lar.. Oklar, GBU

I'm indeed in a weird world :P

PS: To the nice person who send me picture message, sorry, i terclick cancel again :) (actually out of 10 picture message, I tend to terclick cancel 9)

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