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Banshee: Rip Audio CD to MP3

Monday, December 21, 2009 read close 0 speaks

Ever thinking of converting your chunk of CDs into MP3? I used Banshee to convert all my audio CDs to MP3. As Ubuntu legally do not provide support for lame (MP3 codec), you will need to fire up the terminal to install some packages to enable the MP3 ripping feature.

sudo aptitude install gstreamer0.10-lame lame lame-extras


Tips from Ubuntu Forums

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How true is it (3)

Monday, December 07, 2009 read close 0 speaks

If I were meant to be with Deb, without her maybe I was thinking I should be alone.

Hey, I have a theory too. You want to hear it?


"I am what I am, and that is all I am"

That's Popeye.

But I really think Popeye was on to something.

Maybe we're not just where we live, or what we eat or what we do.

We are who we are.

And we are always changing.

You were the person who was meant to be with Deb.

You know, but you have changed since she is gone.

When the time is right, you will find another person to share your life.

How can you be so sure?

I just am.

It's not a bad theory, right?


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Tablet of the Near Future

Thursday, December 03, 2009 read close 0 speaks

Hail Apple! :)

A video clip gets you close than ever about the hyped Mac Tablet :)

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How true is it (1)

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K&M wants to build a shopping mall.

and needs my client's house.

In filing their paperwork, they did a brilliant job of following the letter of the law, while violating its spirit.

K&M sees Mille's house as bricks and woods, ready for the wrecking ball.

But anyone who's ever lived with their loves one, with a soul mate, knows that it is so much more.

It's where memories are made.

And after the passing of your soulmate, it's where those memories are kept.

And eventually, the house becomes the memory itself.

You've heard the expression "You are what you eat"

Well I believe, "You are where you live"

And if you let that wrecking ball in, well, I'm not sure can destroy Mille's house without destroying her life.

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