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I am away

Monday, May 23, 2005 read close 1 speaks

Away for EARC in Indonesia. See you :)

[edit: you can find my daily updated blog on my visit to Jakarta - Trip to Jakarta]

A Question...

Friday, May 20, 2005 read close 0 speaks

One of those who heard Hudson preach at the Bridge Street Chapel was Ni Yongfa, a Ningbo cotton dealer and leader of a reformed Buddhist sect which would have nothing to do with idolatry and was searching for truth. At the end of Hudson's sermon, Ni stood in his place and turned to address the audience.

"I have long searched for the truth as my father did before me. I have travelled far, but I haven't found it. I found no rest in Confucianism, Buddhism or Daoism, but I do find rest in what I have heard tonight. From now on I believe in Jesus."

Ni took Hudson Taylor to a meeting of the sect he had formerly led and was allowed to explain the reasons for his change of faith. Taylor was impressed with the clarity and power with which he spoke. Another member of the group was convertted and both he and Ni were baptized.

"How long has the gospel been known in England?" Ni asked Hudson Taylor.

"For several hundred years," replied an embarrassed Hudson Taylor vaguely.

"What!" exclaimed Ni. "And you have only now come to preach it to us? My father sought after the truth for more than twenty years and died without finding it. Why didn't you come sooner?"

It was a difficult question to answer.

(excerpt from pg156, J. Hudson Taylor - A man in Christ by Roger Steer, ISBN 1-85078-408-6)

My wife tore my passport into half!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005 read close 2 speaks

No no, get it right, I am not married, and thus I don't have a wife. But just in case you have a wife, and she do tear your passport into half, Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia has already prepared a solution for you ;)

  • Saya telah bergaduh dengan isteri saya dan beliau telah mengambil tindakan mengoyak PMA saya. Apakah tindakan yang perlu saya ambil untuk menggantikan pasport tersebut? Berapa lama tempoh bagi saya mendapatkan gantian ini?
    Encik perlu mendapatkan borang permohonan Pasport Malaysia dan Borang Kaji Selidik di Pejabat-pejabat Imigresen untuk membuat permohonan gantian.Berdasarkan Piagam Pelanggan Jabatan, proses gantian mengambil masa 1 (satu) bulan.
(Excerpt from Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia Website)

Psst: For those from PetalingStreet, sorry to disappoint la... you thought it really happened rite? ;)

Smallville in a nutshell

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You might not agree with this, but you can read all episodes of smallville synopsis, here: Tv Tome

12 days and counting...

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Yup, it's 12 days before my departure to Jakarta, Indonesia. Let's pray that nothing will stop all of us, who's going to EARC, to be there in Ciawi.

Say Konica!

Friday, May 06, 2005 read close 0 speaks

The latest addition to my list of gadgets. Yes, it is from fotokem sungai wang.

Konica Minolta Dimage X31, a phasing out unit selling at an affordable price. 3MP, with a non-protruding lens. Zooming maximum at 3x. Small and easy to carry. Not forgetting the accompanied carry case seems very useful too ;) Posted by Hello

It cost me RM499, and I have added an additional 2-year warranty for just merely an additional of RM35. This means, my camera has a total of 3 years warranty. You might think I am over worried about my camera, but I am sure you don't want to fork out extra bucks (astronomical prices) when your camera stop working rite? ;) Here's the box I received. Posted by Hello

You can see all the things that was with the camera here. Posted by Hello

I personally was rather happy with the camera, as it uses SD card, which is cheap (very cheap) nowadays. I've bought a Kingston Highspeed 512MB SD Card for just RM180. In addition, it uses AA batteries. Yeah, NiMH!! ;) With the price, specs and form factor, it's worth the bucks la :P

Blogging Feat

Sunday, May 01, 2005 read close 2 speaks

Feat, not feet. Here's one who discover a new land just like Columbus.

JoO-Ah-NeH - Foot Prints in the Sands

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