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Saturday, February 04, 2006

3. Shopaholic
Until now, I still fail to know the real pronunciation of this word "shopaholic". With my limited command of England.. I mean.. English, I guess it's shop-a-ho-lic. Anyway, this movie is rather original, in terms of story line and the actors lineup is great. I recommend this movie as THE Chinese New Year movie of the Year. Not that Fearless is not worth to be THE movie, but shopaholic is more joyful type of movie that suits our Hong Kong-style annual CNY movie.

Owing to some complication, I watched this movie twice two consecutive days for 9.50pm show in TGV Bukit Raja. Haha... I'll never do that again ya!

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Blogger enn@j
4:54 PM

are u nuts? THE Movie of the year for CNY?!

I watched it on dvd and it was seriously utter crap! Nonsense and just pure silly!

now i know where u get all your lameless from. *blek*

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