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Mordenist Vs. Postmodernist

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I got this line from reading an article from D. A. Carson... I will leave it here for you to ponder.

(But) the fundamental division between modernists and postmoderns is a conflict of
worldview, where the distinction in worldview is primarily epistemological.

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Blogger discordant dude
12:06 PM

can't ponder much without a wider context to how the quotation is used :) is the quote taken from his 'gagging of god'? many theologians have already responded to carson's 'apparent' unfair criticism/characterization of postmodernism, most of which you can dig online. anyway, by definition, POSTmodernism implies beyond-modernism, not anti-modernism - it supercedes what modernity proposes but does not deny the entire project. now dat's something to think abt...
Blogger kiawin
12:49 AM

the quote is taken from an article he presented in a science conference. The title is "Maintaining Scientific and Christian Truths in a Postmodern World". :)

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