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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

JobsDB sent me an email regarding a job vacancy as PHP Programmer. As it's interesting to know who wants PHP programmer, since nowadays most of the companies are looking for .NET or JSP programmers.

Somehow, it turned out to be something fishy, as this CNI PHP Programmer needs to be aged 26-30. I supposed that they are looking for someone more matured, for some perculiar reason. However, I'm not sure how you read between the lines, but for me, I find it very... fishy. Do you need to join CNI MLM just because you're CNI's Programmer? Here's the fishy requirements given:

"To coordinate and monitor internal resource and vendor resource in meeting company objective of MLM Solutions implementation and execution;"

"To undertake other activities or assignment as required and mutually agreed;"

"Aged between 26 to 35;"

"Possess good business acumen and sound analytical capabilities;"

Maybe, as a CNI PHP Programer you do need to be in the MLM tree :P as mutually agreed.

1. CNI PHP Programmer - JobsDB

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Anonymous ying kok
9:46 PM word come out from my mind,WEIRD! for the 5 requirement(my view),the suitable job position should be...
1)sales co-ordinator
3)either single person who dun hv gf(so can work till late nite)or just married person who dun hv kids yet(responsibility).
4)car salesman(kakaka)
Blogger kiawin
9:50 PM

car salesman? that's you la ;)
Anonymous tingying
10:18 PM

it's really weird.... =.=

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