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March 8 (5): Rempit Sempit

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Badawi said he's "realistic and responsible".

A news report from NST talks about Mat rempit assaulted a manager, while Oriental Daily (will try to scan when i'm free) mentioned about Mat rempit from a political party, with the party name withheld for some reason.

You want to know which party? Malaysiakini has the answer.

Security, Peace, and Prosperity... burger you meant?

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Anonymous Anonymous
6:58 PM

Starting to feel like it's not a blog, but more like a political news site.

I mean, when was the last time you post about a personal topic instead of an issue?
Blogger kiawin
8:56 PM

Dear Anonymous,

Recent events in our Malaysia bothers me much. The March 8 series is part of my thoughts, and issues I wish to raise as I suppose is this my way of sharing.

Little description but companied with video clips, provoking one-sentence statements is my way of presenting my current feeling against this country.

You may take this as an offense, but unfortunately this is the reality of how BAD our country turn ed out to be - after 50 years of Independence.

To you it is a political news site. For me, it's always my personal "topic". Because, all these things I posted was never meant to be POLITICAL. It's just pure CONCERN as a Malaysian.

If you notice, I always labels such blog entries as Malaysia. Because, I believe as a Malaysian we should know well of our country, not just dwell in lies and deceives.

Sadly, this is how majority of Malaysian thinks - anything to do with Malaysia in terms of social, political, economical, education etc. always being put as an equation to POLITICS.

This, is something we really need to rethink, and change - if we choose to do so.

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