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Blow the whistle

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Whistle-blower. I first learnt this term in my university days when I was undertaking a management course.

The recent entry "Blow away the whistle-blower" from Raja Petra from his column titled The corridors of Powers talked about how a Police chose to whistle blow but ended up being intimidated and are forced to change his testimony against suspected criminals.

If you don't know who Raja Petra is, let me tell you - he is the one where a police report being lodged against him for writing insulting statements against the King and the Country. (Read more from

This recent entry of his seems to be a deadly serious allegation, concerning the integrity of the aforementioned institutions. Will anyone actually lodge a police report against him on this matter, or just kept quiet and push it under the rug?

The silence upon any citizen (or any body) would resulted an assumption that Raja Petra is right.

Time would tell, it is either Malaysia Today is terribly wrong, or is horribly right.

May God have mercy upon us.

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Anonymous Anonymous
6:02 PM

Why dont U make a police report if U are so concerned?
Blogger kiawin
6:29 PM

Dear anonymous,

If you would like to take just a bit more time to process what I've said earlier on, you would understand what I'm trying to say.

To save your time, the summary should be, making police report ain't the main issue mentioned here. It is the silence that signify a great grief for us all.
Blogger saifulbahri
6:36 PM

Raja Petra wouldn't be exposing the misdeed if he had not the reliable sources. Note that he is not hiding behind anonymity, which means that he has notthing to hide.

One can cast doubts on claims made by writers who use pseuydonyms, but certainly not RPK.
Blogger Timothy Lee
8:05 PM

this is another serious blow to the level of integrity of our inforcement forces, after the exposition of the judical election process recently.

i would say in the back of our mind, most of citizen know that it's happenning all the while. the black society have connection with the enforcement and even minister (as recently in sarawak). they have been bought over thru bribe and personal interest.

we have to insist thorough investigation by highest authority and sincere intention to end corruption at every level

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