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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

5 days, and below are the summary of what happened in just merely 5-day time.

never-ending education debate, still playing tai-chi (here)

never learn the lesson, still in their own sweet world (here)

never see it in the right perspective, still playing racial cards (here)

never know it was that complicated, still praising us... relatively speaking (here)

never expect some one would speak up, still filled with much water (here)

never realise their mistake, still think it is alright... always (here)

never use brain, still think one man overrules the constitution... speechless (here)

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Blogger wahlau
5:02 AM

cough cough... ahem ahem...
Blogger 周小芳
10:39 AM

wish our country good luck!
Blogger 周小芳
11:23 PM

pls read this, this is an article that wrote by me and inspired by u. thank you!

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