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Food Review: D'Kafe

Monday, June 04, 2007

Up in Kampar, unfamiliar with the new environment, but we have good colleagues here. The foundation office admins and L, future ehem... being very hospitable during our 1st week in Kampar.

D'Kafe is M and L's recommended cafe for lunch.

A cup of lemon juice quench my thirst. First week of the semester always kills my throat :P

waiter a.k.a L's favourite kid.

fried spaghetti. just like kim gary's one, but half the price :)

L's usual (or frequent) veg. thai fried rice.

M's Beef rendang Nasi Lemak. Superlicious.

L: Good!

Revised and improved recipes
Bigger portion
Real value for money :)

Ambient environment, relatively cheap, nice :)

Where is it? it's at the square nearby Grand Kampar hotel, beside IMAX internet cafe, opposite star bookstore. Go for it!

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Blogger bambinakong
7:41 AM

i oso want to eat..... can ta pau?? duno whether got chance to go kampar, hopefully boss wil send me there to duty one day... miss L very very much!!
Blogger nostalgia.jesskang
11:55 AM

You can go there on weekends :)
Blogger kiawin
9:58 PM

K: miss which L? there's 3 L's in kampar on monday and tuesday ;)
Blogger bambinakong
7:24 AM

KiaWin:i mean my dearest Mr. Lee
Blogger kiawin
9:31 PM

K: oh... felt so heart-broken ;)
Blogger nostalgia.jesskang
9:45 PM

Ask Ms. Kong to buy you super glue to assemble your broken heart?

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