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Week 14: Thanksgiving

Monday, August 21, 2006

It's the end of the semester, time flies.

This will be the week where I will be very busy as there's many things i need to do.

Mark paper, assignment, complete my thesis and agape.

Do pray that I will be able to handle all these inspite of the hectic schedule I have.

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Anonymous christine
5:14 PM

oh ya i heard that you're a lecturer in UTAR! i heard it from Chris Choong. He also asked if i'm interested in lecturing hahaha. but i only have Degree. and i have no experience or skills in teaching. Anyway u did MAsters is it?
Anonymous christine
5:17 PM

so what course u did for Masters? or are u an assistant lecturer like Chris?
actually i haven't found a job yet. Planning to start a permanent job in Jan'07 ehehehe :) right now i'm working temporarily as an Admin Staff in my very own college's School of IT & Mgmt (my own dept lah) haha yalor :)
Anonymous christine
5:20 PM

i'm still thinking bout either doing something IT-related or... pursue... into lecturing.... Praying lah... Hope GOd will show me the way :)

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