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Monday, July 31, 2006

everyone has a first love story to tell

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Anonymous *christine*
1:33 PM

is that a new movie from Yasmin Ahmad???
wow cooool :) i like her shows!

anyhow just wanna say thank you...
was looking back at my old blog post during my stressful final yr times...
really encouraged to know someone is still reading my stressful blog hehe :)
thank youu soo much...
i'm a graduate now :) praise God!
Blogger kiawin
2:21 PM

any plan ahead?
Anonymous *christine*
11:57 PM

nope. hmmmm still looking around and thinking. working on a temporary basis though. just to get some extra pocket money to go do some travelling first :)
Blogger kiawin
12:05 AM

ah... IT related? or want lecture? hehe
Blogger yasmin
1:24 AM

hey thanks for putting up our poster. the trailer is up on youtube now.

tell me what you think ya?

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