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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Life can be...








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Anonymous Anonymous
10:26 AM

Dear Lau Sian Lerk, I stumbled across your blog by mistake and I decided to read your blog for some weird insane reason. Unfortunately, your blog freakin sucks. Its been one of the worst blogs I have read so far. Maybe god will reveal more things to you if you did not suck this much. Your goofy grin in your picture does not make you look cute, it makes you look like a retard.
Please take a minute and look at your picture and compare it to Leonardo Di Caprio's character in "Whats eating Gilbert Grape". You will find the similarities to be astounding. If you are really retarded, please accept my humble apology.
Blogger kiawin
5:13 PM

Wow... my first hate mail. Thanks for your comment and yeah... i supposed retard blogs are meant for retards. so.. for the bright eistein like you can just visit other blogs such as jeff ooi or yasmin the story teller.

Yeah, don't repeat your *mistake* again, don't bother to read here.

Dear anonymous, your *humble* apology is retardly accepted.

PS: I suppose the number of hate mail one receives signifies how popular (or on contrary unpopular) a person is.
Blogger siaojidan
11:13 PM

Hei anoynymous...shame on you. How can you be so mean? I dont understand. Lerk, I enjoyed reading ur blog!!!! Keep blogging !!!
Blogger enn@j
5:38 PM

Hey 'annoy'mous,

It takes one to know one. How can you identify a retard if you yourself isn't one?

And by what measurements do you measure and conclude that Lau Sian Lerk is a retard?

What makes you read his blog and then commented if it annoyed you so much? Why waste time on a retard?

You are more retarded to have commented on a retard's blog then...

Have a mirrow at home?

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