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Happy Birthday 2005

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Guess what I receive on 12am?

In money instrument market, what is the meaning of long position and short position. It hav its specific meaning. Can you help me to check.. Thank you

and this is the next sms

No need.. I get the meaning already.. Thanks. The real happy birthday to you.. 30 min later lar.. Oklar, GBU

I'm indeed in a weird world :P

PS: To the nice person who send me picture message, sorry, i terclick cancel again :) (actually out of 10 picture message, I tend to terclick cancel 9)

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Blogger Wahlau-eh
12:11 AM

happy birthday my brother (i think this is the third time i say this liao in 20 minutes time).

no gift, later come back malaysia only think about it.. or you come over .de loh. :D
Blogger kiawin
12:14 AM

dah besar, tak perlu gift gift ni.. wahahahaha
Anonymous mel
1:22 PM

hehe!! so do u like wat me and doreen gave u ??:p... that's all we have we gave to you... isn't that biblicle...
ya..dah besar... be good ya...
Blogger kiawin
3:02 PM

it's not really biblical :) if you notice, it's a widow who gave 2 coins, not 2 person.. and btw... you two since when widowed? haha ;)

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