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Confused, Me or You?

Monday, September 19, 2005

A mere accident of visiting NECF Website, and I discovered two three things.

1. Latter Rain church is a member church of NECF (Link Here).

2. NECF published an article for Minister Appreciation Month, October 2005 which is summarized from an article produced by World Network of Prayer, United Pentecostal Church International. (Link Here).

3. Presbyterian church is a member church of NECF (Link Here).

In my understanding, both (1,2) are labelled by many as cult. What do you think?

And I didn't realise Presbyterian Malaysia joined NECF.

Update (28 Sept 2005):
Is anyone familiar with Latter Rain, and willing to share? I am interested to know more. Question will still be, is it cult? or not?

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Blogger enn@j
6:15 PM

Blogger The Hedonese
2:20 PM

As far as I know, Latter Rain is not heretical... (though there are worrying tendencies towards emotionalism, but ain't tat true for most of our churches?)

It's the usual Pentecostal 'five fold ministry' restoration, endtime revival movement popularized by Branham, Rick Joyner, C. Peter Wagner, Paul Cain, Cindy Jacobs etc.

Nothing alarming to my knowledge, but again, I wont recommend too heartily their books to my CG friends :) Wagner and Jacobs are a bit more sane so there may be sth redemptive, but the rest, unless they cowrite w RT Kendall, well...

there are better reads, ar hehehe

Oneness Pentecostals, yes. I think they are cults but NECF using their article is not a necessary endorsement of their doctrines i feel.

Presbyterians... hehehe my church is evangelical and wanna be part of the 'evangelical body' too, so there u have it :D
Blogger The Hedonese
2:22 PM

btw it's good that u notice these things.. Orthodoxy does matter, ya
Blogger kiawin
10:44 PM

wow.. you're here. anyway, a google search reveals much about latter rain, and it wasn't that positive :)

and regarding NECF uses the article from UPCI doesn't mean the endorse the later doctrine, I believe that you don't use what you don't agree with. It's just like Nike CEO wearing Reebok Shoe on a news conference :)

For now, it's NECF using an article from UPCI on their website.

For me, I take website as a very formal representation of an organization.

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