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I've got a parcel!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

(note: Oops.. wrong grammar la.. haha.. I got a parcel! axe the 've)

If you look properly, you will notice one of the corner of the parcel is dented. Thanks to the poslaju van that throw this into my house's car park.


Like a child open up a Christmas present under the Christmas tree...


Guess what's? It's Ubuntu Linux CDs (Install CD+Live CD). 30 piece of 'em!




Thanks to the poslaju van again, the parcel was thrown beside a pot of flower, with thorns. This is the side effect.


Anyone who's interested to get one, we can arrange something ;)

Btw, it's from south africa if i'm not mistaken :P

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Blogger NickTay
1:26 PM

I have one of those. I love GIMP! It rocks as a image editor!!
Anonymous 8dee
4:26 PM

too bad I have my laptop only. I don't really wanna split my hard disk for linux.

If not I would love to have come they are sending you so many?
Blogger kiawin
4:41 PM

actually you can request from their website. i thought of passing some to my old faculty in UPM, and to anyone who's interested. good things must be shared. haha ;)

btw, you can run the livecd to feel the OS. It's cool, and it detects everything on my lab's HP NX5000.

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