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Penang Escape 2009 (1)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

I had the opportunity to stay over in Tune Hotel Penang, Jalan Burma :)

Smart card ala RFID, perhaps you should bring your own hair dryer, and air-conditioner ;)

Though their rooms are relatively small, but I really like their wall design.

My room comes with two single beds, without any window

The lady next door was more fortunate, it comes with one window, and lots of sunshine.

The receptionist was kind enough to give us three two connecting rooms, though we didn't took advantage of it to do any hanky-panky. Perhaps we're just a bit tat' old :)

Perhaps some might be disappointed as previous visitors to other Tune Hotel may discover a "special" feature of their bathroom where its door is a crisp clear see-through glass. I guess now they are smarter knowing Malaysians typically rather camera shy, hence those big wordings on the door.

Frankly, nice bathroom.

Monstrous shower head - and nice.

With only 2 hours sleep before the long 4 hours drive, anyone can really be like this dungu...

More to come...

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Blogger icywhinygnome
12:07 AM

Hey....why does d 2nd pic say "hair dryer: No" but d last pic show a hair dryer in d bottom right corner??? LoL....sibuk-ing as usual
Blogger kiawin
1:25 AM

hair dryer is there, but you can't use it unless it is activated :)
Blogger icywhinygnome
12:08 AM

Waaa...macam tu pun ada?
Blogger teemortai
2:42 AM

Ada... tu lah panggil budget hotel mah... :) Btw, i just happened to be someone who came later to 'sleep together' with him in the same room. But, like he said... no hanky-panky was involved with anyone in both adjoining rooms. ;)

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