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Early Christmas Gift (1)

Friday, November 21, 2008

If you do follow my twitter/facebook status, you would know I got my early Christmas "gift" on 13 November. A glimpse for you... kekekeke... :)

On the other hand,

Weird things happened again, with the 10% discount "supposedly" help to reduce people's burden on Toll rate, Razak says on Najib no-no, mainstream media silence on the important question raised by a reporter during Q&A session (English Version Here). I bet some of you didn't read this one ;)

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Blogger 雨情
6:00 PM

nice post, mr.lau. i am ur student, year 1 sem 3 in utar foundation.
Blogger amoker
11:52 AM

Mr Lau, I am not your student. hehe. My guess is that it is related to DELL, something that will make your really happy. hehe.
Blogger kiawin
12:07 PM

amoker: hey, when's the yumchar you talked about? :)
Blogger kiawin
12:07 PM

雨情: Welcome to my blog

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