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Friday, October 24, 2008

[by the bitter stickgirl]

I'll be away from blogging indefinately, till then, sayonara~

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Blogger Tay
12:07 AM

A bleeding heart ? on 24th oct ? hmm... * dont understand *
since when you put such a emotional song on ur blog? hmm...good song...can be used for drama :P

anyway...just wanna drop a comment and say that... THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH! =)

your cing mei zu ma ....
Blogger Tay
12:08 AM

oh ya...why stop blogging indefinately?
Blogger amoker
2:19 PM

Wow Sian Lerk, anything emo?
Long time no hear. Your pastor just contacted me and am thinking to meet up with you chaps. wanna?
Blogger Dorae-ong
5:30 AM

Hey, you out of the cardiac intensive care unit already? Or you still with the bypass machine. Never mind la, I put you in the transplant list la, and currently you in the priority list, anytime we get a new heart, we will call you.
Blogger kiawin
8:01 AM

amoker: call me up lo... hahaha
dorae-ong: woke up already
tay: plan cancelled. blog continues :)

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