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Thursday, September 04, 2008

A few shorts for today...


Short One:
This year is ending soon, time to consider getting an automatic transmission car. At this moment, for hot hatchback... there are three options,

1. Naza 206 - RM68,000 (RM4,000 discount, maybe more for year-end?)
2. Suzuki Swift - RM72,000 (RM1,000 discount. Heard can't give more discount)
3. Em... Proton Savvy - RM4,4000 (RM4,000 discount?)


Short Two:
Just got it from NTV7 news, the so-called Datuk Ahmad Ismail said there's no need to apologize as he said nothing wrong.

update: Malaysiakini reported on this too.


Short Three:
Speculation again on TV saying maybe another RM0.15/litre price drop for petrol. Quite sick of this out-of-sudden price adjustment. Can't the government do a proper price floating mechanism?


Whatcha think?

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