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Thursday, February 28, 2008



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Blogger nostalgia.jesskang
11:00 PM

The Mr Lau whom I know will never get irritated one... Another side of Mr Lau now....
Anonymous Anonymous
1:38 AM

Wow, came to me as a little bit of surprise that you play DotA too. Seeing how serious you are during lecture. Where do you play mostly? GGC? Maybe we should play sometime.

Thanks for the dedication. See how a simple few line of words let me understand a little bit more about you (that the fact that you actually play DotA)? Still, somehow it irritates me that you didn't write much. Maybe you're a person that isn't fond with words or that is just your style of blogging or maybe that blogging is just another passtime activity that you wouldn't spend more than 30 minutes with.

PS: I wasn't offended by any of the political post by the way. Malaysia is just Malaysia at the end of the day.

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