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Kampar Trip: Yik Mun

Thursday, October 04, 2007

On our way to Kampar, Wesley insisted we should stop by Tanjung Malim... so here we are

Yik Mun, The Famous Tanjung Malim Pau.

The gang :)

The paus... unfortunately, too early. Not warm up yet.

Lee Sa.

Though can't eat the pau, here's the Yik Mun Pau container :)

Even Lat knows the Pau :)

Move on to the mamak next door :)

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Blogger nostalgia.jesskang
1:42 AM

There is always a next time :)
Blogger Julian Si
3:53 PM

I love the nostalgia that Yik Mun brings :-) The chicken chop ROCKS too!

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