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Friday, April 20, 2007

oh no... we got caught!!

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Blogger wahlau
4:01 AM

muaahhaha then must ask liao, who who who! :)
Blogger kiawin
7:52 AM

aiks.. my colleague la...
Blogger discordant_dude
9:44 AM

wut a nice pic :)
Anonymous samy vellu
12:04 PM

who's the pretty next to u??
Blogger kiawin
2:15 PM

where? where?
Anonymous Sami Vellu
2:17 PM

da 1 wearing black polo (with mickey print) and jeans skirt and trainers...
Blogger kiawin
2:21 PM

dear sami vellu, since you can identify the details of the pretty lass from a blunt photo, obviously you've some connection with her.
Anonymous Sammi
2:23 PM

Holy s*#@!! Dun ever let my wife see this comment..

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