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The Season

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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Blogger Wahlau-eh
7:11 PM

wah, they all sit so close one ke? hmm, can cheat lah then ;)
Blogger kiawin
8:02 PM

different set of paper, so if you copy the person next to you, you suffer lo... hahaha... btw, got 4 invigilators ma :)
Blogger discordant_dude
9:09 PM

4? 2 already caught yakking behind... hehe...
Anonymous eunice
5:42 PM

wah at 1st glance the guy in blue sitting at the first few rows look like tim... wat la u ppl doing exam u suka suka ambe gambar.. haha
Blogger kiawin
4:57 PM

we're multitasker :)

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