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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sabby says (7:16 PM):
watcha doing ?

kiawin ~ says (7:17 PM):
posting something
i also busy
this is why i skipped my dinner
you continue your work la

Sabby says (7:18 PM):
i need some entertainment mar..
so mar talk to u lor..

kiawin ~ says (7:18 PM):
i let my blog entertain you
need to continue my thesis

Sabby says (7:19 PM):
give me ya blog ass
woops..i mean ass
i mean add

kiawin ~ says (7:19 PM):
i know you mean ass

kiawin ~ says (7:20 PM):
i going to post this in blog too

Sabby says (7:20 PM):

PS: Same old sab ;)

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