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Kpg Berembang, dated Mar 05

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

(Photo taken by lainie)

Google gave me an interesting link.

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Blogger 周小芳
7:31 PM

hi, senior, long time no c. u oso know lainie? i met her in kg berembang. i prayed that they cant demolished the villager only 3 house that day, but finally they did. i did felt curiosity bout God that day. we know from the bible, the world will become worst, but how we should cope with the injustice?

last year when the ppl demolished the surau, my fren was there. i was thinking if i were there, should i defend a muslim surau for the sake of human right?
Blogger lainie
3:22 PM

and why not defend the surau? :)
Blogger kiawin
6:16 PM

hi xiao fang,

i duno lainie la, used to saw her post in petalingstreet when i was active there. this time wanted to "commemorate" Kpg Berembang, so found her site by google actually :)

nothing wrong with defending the surau. in fact, it is our duty (as a citizen of this country) to say NO to the demolisher.

btw, hi laine :) and thanks for your photo ;) though i took it without your permission :)

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