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Food Review: The 60's Teow Chew Fishball

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Parents are going to Cambodia, and I fetched them to KL Sentral this morning. Before that, I brought them to Seapark to makan the Sunrise duck rice. However, it seems they don't open on Saturday (weird right?). Looking for alternative, we saw a shop nearby which sells fishball noodles, and hence we conquered.

(Restoran) The 60's Teow Chew Fishball


Proof that I'm not alone that day...


The sign...

Snapshot from outside the shop,


Some interesting deco...


The food!! Kangkung with Fish cake slices. My parents like it very much, but for me, I don't like the sweet paste they used as the sauce.


Fishball, looks ugly, but taste good. My mom said that
"this like just like home-made fish balls" :)


Assorted fried fish cakes.


Fresh Tau-fu


it seems they provide extra noodles and soup for free...
but the catch is, the price of this bowl of noodle isn't cheap.


So... what's the food reviewers final verdict?

Me: Taste normal.


Dad: Not bad, the soup taste good (the definition of "good" is little salt)


Mom: I still like the tau-fu and fishball more :)

Want expensive fishballs with free flow noodles?
Visit the 60's Teow Chew Fishball shop in Seapark.

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Blogger discordant_dude
6:21 PM

i've tried that! it's actually pretty good... although the "hakka" noodle didn't turn-out too "hakka" for me.
Blogger kiawin
7:30 PM

ah.. you hakka... btw, i find it so-so only. maybe because of its price kua? hahaha
Blogger wahlau
9:43 PM

so all go makan as soon as we left lah?! :D

does the price justify the taste? or the other way round?
Blogger kiawin
9:57 PM

duno, as long as dad and mom happy lo.. hahaha
Blogger TzeYing
1:04 AM

Hey aku juga lapar....

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