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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Looked artistic, isn't it?

After sending my parents to KL Sentral, I decided to pay a visit to my car's hospital. It's time for service. It means, time to fork out more money to service my car.

The poor chap has suffered several minor injuries ever since I started working. But overall it still serves me very well (minus the "continental" aircon).

This time the service guy changed new engine oil, elf sports. No more Stop Oil.

On top of that, to reward my poor chap, I pay extra bucks to "flush" the engine, and also add-in some additive motor oil. Supposedly smoothen my car's engine.


Heart-breaking day (for my wallet :P)

PS: I'm now officially on my 10-day Home alone adventure. Do my own laundry, ironing. Eat own breakfast, lunch, dinner. *hint* *hint*

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Anonymous Anonymous
10:57 AM

Hey.. atleast you got 10 days of freedom..

advise of the day : Follow The Christopher's way!

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