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A Quick Bible Quiz

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I always have this problem, whenever I restart my bible reading cycle... I always have this in mind that I will read again the same old story, and learn nothing. Nevertheless God always proves me wrong.

This quiz is absolutely challenging, from my devotion today.

Remember the arguement on Chicken First? or Egg First?

Here's the question - Tree First? or Seed First?

Here's the answer - Genesis 2:5

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Blogger enn@j
2:55 PM

Can u be more specific in your question ah? as in what context you talking about?

If u ask just like that, tree first or seed first?

To me, seed first lah cos tree grow from seed mah. But seriously, do u think this really matters?

Seed or tree, as long as they serve their purpose lor.
Blogger kiawin
3:01 PM

The context remains the same just like the chicken and egg theory. However, the difference is that God did mentioned about who's first for the seed and tree theory, which I already state the answer ;)

It's just a simple question of the origin of tree, just like the chicken :)
Anonymous 8dee
4:21 PM the answer seems like tree come first....

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