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Thursday, December 29, 2005

如果·爱 拥有第二次机会?

What if love gets a second chance?

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Blogger siaojidan
8:58 AM

Helo. Happy new year...I eventually sign up so that I can leave comments on your blog. What do u meant with this blog? what had " ci ji " you?
Blogger kiawin
5:16 PM

Haha.. this is just the slogan from the movie la :) I got 2 complimentary tickets for free.
Blogger enn@j
11:20 AM

"what if love gets a second chance?"

so similar to Serendipity ;)
Blogger Wahlau-eh
7:13 PM

why never tell? then i could have sap the two tickets from you! :D
Blogger kiawin
7:49 PM

I thought you know? since it's lying on my table? ;)

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