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After Tweens

Friday, November 25, 2005

3 things I could share about Tweens. Firstly, I met a group of very interesting teens, and I enjoyed my time with them. Secondly, after the camp, I found (and obviously bought) a book (in 3 books) by Wayne Grundem titled Bible Doctrine. It's a superb book that I recommend everyone to read it. Thirdly, my head continue its journey in teasing the thesis, and I myself give myself a dateline, on coming Friday. Please continue pray for me! :)

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Blogger Ivy Chai
8:16 PM

Wow, thanks for the comment. Ya, I realised your frendster blog sudah lama mati. I also got blogspot - Ya, blogspot easier to use...
I'm returning to UPM for my PhD. I hope this is the right choice for me, quiting my job and study again (I prayed about it)....I've never got the time to thank you for coming for my graduation. Lovely teddy bear!
Blogger kiawin
8:25 PM

actually.. it never started in friendster.. i just leave a msg there telling people my blog it's in blogspot. hahaha...

enjoy your PhD studies in UPM... i wish i can be as ambitious as you, but i doubt i will be ;)

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