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Confession Time

Sunday, June 19, 2005

If you know me well, you know I never even try a little effort in checking the friendster and multiply account. Why? Just don't. ;)

Nevertheless, something out of me that makes me did a little bit of digging and realised the people around me did know each other. For example, Joshua Tien, how did you know Esther Siew? Suik Yieng, how are you related to Alicia?

Interesting, but no time to dwell into it la... so add me if you want me connected ;) Yup.. I'm lazy :P

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Anonymous Esther Siew
11:44 PM

Joshua Thean is my Tai Ko of my Camp Cam family =P
Blogger kiawin
12:16 AM

wahlau.. this is really an old post :)

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