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O Samy, Where Art Thou?

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

At start, problem doesn't seems like a problem, until the snow ball getting rolled bigger and bigger. Maybe, this is not your responsibility at all. Just like others, you might be just an innocent victim of irresponsible contractors and implementors. As no one should take up full responsibilities for fatal car accidents that happened along highway, other than the drivers themselves. Ignoring the fact of fatal designs of highways... the infamous killer tol plaza just right before Ipoh, and the new highway...

Politics was never that fair and lovely, opportunist always starving for opportunity to kick out their political rivals. Maybe, hanging banner is just a silly act done for personal interest. But I have one question in mind...

O Samy, Where Art Thou?

Yes. Resignation was never solution to all these problems. But, Tai-chi is never a solution too. Being a caring and responsible person will make a day brighter and lovelier :)

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Blogger Rajiv Finn
1:12 PM

samy's corrupt. a man in power for that long without showing promise of a better tommorow for indians cannot be a true leader. look at it from all directions, all we see are more and more indiands turning to the MCA for help regarding matters.. ong ka ting leads his sect of the bangsa malaysia with efficiency and pride.. however.. samy is too embarrased to help the poor indians... i say.. o samy, get out thou?

Anonymous Anonymous
1:48 PM

When I see and read Samy in the media, it's really frightening.

First he gets very defensive over the corruption investigation over the highway cracks. "Come and investigate! But OK, if you come, sorry, I have to stop everything, and the repairs will be delayed."

Later, he insists that he is as qualified as any structural engineer to review and report on the cracks.

Then, the outburst, "I won't resign! My party picked me. I am their leader!" - while he clamped down on the Vice President from standing in the last election, so that the poor VP, his strongest rival, can't fight against him later.

Then, fining a company RM80 million.. for late completion of the Matrade building. RM80 million?! Why didn't he take a more proactive approach, like checking in on the progress every now and then and working with the contractor, instead of leaving things to go wrong, then just simply fine them. What good is a fine that the contractor cannot pay, the building is still not done.

Lazy, egoistical, power-hungry.. this man is a detriment to Malaysia's progress, and a danger to our lives considering that our family and friends use the highways.
Blogger kiawin
2:39 PM

Though, many speculations out there regarding such delayed action being taken, my purpose of raising this issue is to encourage us to play a more pro-active role, and be a caring and responsible Malaysian.

For all the speculations, I have no idea and we shall put this aside. Thanks for reading my gumblings anyway :)
Blogger Kervin
9:16 PM

Many of the old guard has left and gone yet he is still standing with the excuse that the people and the party needs his leadership. Maybe it is time to step down and pass on the responsibility to another set of younger minds. You'll be missed, no more poking fun at thou in the daily funnies.

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