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Friday, October 29, 2004

From: "Joanna Lee" [snip]
To: [snip]
Subject: Fw: 3R Looking for profiles!
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 14:12:05 +0800

Hi!! We are currently producing an episode for 3R entitled 'Dating My Bestfriend's Ex" and looking for profiles to be interviewed on the show.

Profile 1
Someone who dated her friend's ex-boyfriend and are no longer friends with her friend. Currently, can be either still dating or broken up.

Profile 2
Someone whose friend dated her exboyfriend.

If you know anyone who fits the bill, please get them to contact me either via email (joanna [at] red [dot] com [dot] my) or call my office at 03-79553345. Would appreciate if you could help pass this around to your friends and family!



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Anonymous Anonymous
5:14 PM

Just curious - what about someone who dated her friend's ex but is still friends with the friend?

not that I'll know, since I'venever dated anyone ;P

Blogger kiawin
4:24 AM

good question :) however, I also duno how to answer you, as this is what i received from my friend who works in RedComm :) Maybe they missed out this part of logic? Who knows ;)

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